Here is my knex m4 s-system. it looks alot like the real thing. the bullet ALWAYS leaves the barrel because of the line of orange connectors under the top rail (i give credit to ironman, nutty guy and katarukito)


15 round non-jamming mag
4 different types of rails
true trigger
foldable front sight
comfy handle and stock
trigger guard
Why do you do that?!
It's not about doing that, it's about sending a message
He was being silent, and you asked why he did that. Maybe he was trying to send a message, I don't know.
Wear a sock.
nice guns dude they look real (except for the colors lol )
Thanks =D lol
if i had enough knex i would try to build that
Buy some! =D
yeah im gonna but i gotta pay for a speeding ticket first lol
lol, your like 17-18 then? lol, my dad got a speeding ticket of €80 for going 1km/h over the limit lol XD
yup i went 75 mph in a 55mph zone 200$ out the window lol
Speeding tickets are always to expensive. But 200$, thats just ridiculous expensive
yup but it was a state trooper i got lucky i did defensive driving
Ok. What are state troopers and defensice driving? (never heard of that before, I'm Dutch)
in texas there are state employed cops that are the worst to get stopped by and you always end up with an expensive ticket and defensive driving is a class you can go to and get out of the ticket for less money if im not clear go ahead and ask i don't mind
Lol, that must suck XD
lol yes XD
That's actually realy pathetic. Asking 80 euros for only 1 Km/h
Its the guards here, total scumbags, always pigging around for money.
Yeah, I understand
Jawühl =D
German for yes. Dunno why I posted that
oh lol XD
There is a gun posted of this and it has instructions but the mech doesn't look like it works a tall, what is the mech of this.
its nearly the same, follow his ible and mod if you want to.

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