Step 2: Trigger

follow the pictures
it works! I love the way it's built!
<p>Thanks for the instructions! Nice design too! Also I really like handle mag guns, like this one</p>
this gun is supposed to shoot the small gray rods right? <br>
It shoots gray connectors.
I thought step 4 on &quot;Ram&quot; was quite clever :) I haven't built one of these types of guns before, so sorry if it is common.
:( I only have 2/4 of those ball socket things. I'll continue without the full handle then, it seems.
love this gun so much i built it and rated 5 star (if you have time i would like you to look at my gun i have built its a bolt action with a 25-30 round mag and a grenade launcher attachment ) ps i would like you to tell me where to improve here is a link <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/knex-assault-rifle-48/" rel="nofollow">http://www.instructables.com/id/knex-assault-rifle-48/</a>&nbsp;
great gun
Great gun also would you please make a piece count?
&nbsp;that is ABSOLUTELY................<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; POSITIVELY...................<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; DEFINITELY....................<br /> THE SINGLE BEST KNEX GUN I HAVE EVER BUILT AND IVE BUILT THE Z35 BY OBLIVITUS!!
The Z35 sucks. It is only famous because a few noobs built it and thought it was amazing.<br>And... Ant, stay in your hive.
ants live in mounds
Termites live in mounds, ants live in colonies. I am called ant because it is short for Anthony. I am a person, because if i was an ant, I would not be able to apply enough pressure to press a key.
unless you were an obese ant.
Actually thay both live in mounds. And both they're types of <em><strong>COMMUNITY</strong></em> are colonies. So everyone is incorrect somehow.
These mounds
i love it
and i fond the asome gun.its the one above mywriteing
i am going to make a gun to shot my cousin when he comes over
good gun. if anybody can make this same gun but make it full auto i will pay u 20 bucks
Ill try to make it full auto <br>
KK gimme da monety lol
do u have to have the Y piece cuz i dont have any and i dont want to waste my time building it if it doest work without Y pieces<br>
yes you need to have y peices why dont u get some at knex.com for like a penny each!!<br>
a penny for a small peice of plastic? 10,000 peices would be 100 dollars, or pounds. rather expensive really.
this gun is horrible. barely shoots 2 ft and im positive i built it correctly -5*
use more bands nxt time u build
not exactly a mac 10, but it works
is this step neccesary?<br>
I don't think so
Is this worth making
thanks it works great<br>
how vdo you shoot?
uhh you pull the trigger
Nice gun! <br>I uild him and my range is very good! 5*
This gun is the best pistol i've ever built that is a ram-rod pull back w/ true trigger system. Thanks for making this, it was one of the best I have found on instructables.
fking awesome 5* ;D
is this really slide action?
Nope. Its a fake slide action; a repeater.<br>
do you need to put on the stock? <br>
no <br>
i havent built this step, because i need to know,<br /> <br /> just how in the hell do those pieces hang on to the clip?!<br />

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