My first instructable. I'm proud of this creation and hope you guys will like it too!
Many more instructables to come!

Part List:

64 Grey connectors
8 Purple/ grey connectors
28 Yellow connectors
8 Snow flakes
15 Red connectors
2 Brown connectors
5 Green connectors
9 Black ball connectors

16 Yellow rods
15 Blue rods
41 White rods
32 Green rods
1 Long flexible rod (optional)
2 Grey rods

6 Grey spacers
3 Blue spacers
1 motor
1 Medium wheel
1 Small wheel

Step 1: The Barrels

Here you will make the barrels for the machine gun.

Step 2: The Skeleton

This is where you hold it and where the drivetrain thing goes, (what else do I call it?)

Step 3: The Drivetrain Thingy

the motor attaches to this and makes the barrels spin!

Step 4: Put It Together!

Put it all together and you are almost done!

Step 5: Loading

To load it is just like a block trigger, only don't push the blocker too far. Look at the first picture, there is a little bit of the yellow rod showing, you have to have it like that or it won't work. Now load it with white or green rods and go shoot something!
WHAT TYPE OF MOTOR?!? KNEX HAS LIKE 100 DIFFRENT TYPES!! <br> <br> <br>-Your Future Master
can the spacer be blue and not brown
Sorry, but it really has to be brown...
What's a brown spacer?
Sorry, clip. Tan clip :)
That's ok, I made the gun. Somehow the block triggers on the barrels aren't hitting that rod so they don't fire. No worries I'll make something else. I&nbsp;have today off, tommorrow 50% chance i'll have off, and friday through monday off. If I&nbsp;get tommorow off, i'll have a six day weekend. (Note:IT&quot;S&nbsp;SNOWWING&nbsp;SO&nbsp;MUCH&nbsp;HERE!!!!)
It's an old gun, don't expect much from it<br /> THERE IS A LOT OF SNOW HERE!<br /> You llive in Canada?
No, I&nbsp;live in the USA.&nbsp;WE&nbsp;GOT&nbsp;ONE&nbsp;AND&nbsp;A&nbsp;HALF&nbsp;OF&nbsp;SNOW!&nbsp;I&nbsp;NEVER&nbsp;SEEN&nbsp;SO&nbsp;MUCH&nbsp;SNOW!&nbsp;WE&nbsp;HAVE&nbsp;A&nbsp;SIX&nbsp;DAY&nbsp;WEEKEND&nbsp;WOOH!
were i used to live we got from 5-10 ft
in my part of pa, we got around 4 feet. ES&nbsp;LEBE&nbsp;DEUTSCHLAND!
Wow! one year we had 2 feet and a little!
I remember 2 years ago, the snow was as high as me! I live in Newfoundland, Canada. Good gun!
Wowee! and thanks!
I live in canada!!!!!!!!!!!!! where?
Manitoba! you?
new brunswick...
oh, cool!
that ball connector can be anything, i use a blue clip personally.
OK....<br /> Why are you looking at this instructable?
because it is cool.
awesome :)
<p>yes it is.</p>
Totally. Your welcome for ruining this chain of Yes's
*Le replying behind your comment*<br>Problem Cheezpaper?
whats a brown connector?
&nbsp;I might make. whats the range?<br /> <br />
30 feet? i think less...
is there any way I can make a crank? my motor doesnt arrive until 4 days.
not really, but I really don't recommend making this gun...
&nbsp;why not? its fully auto, and I never made one b4!
This one isn't one of quality.
i remember when this was all you had posted. *sigh* good times...&nbsp;
I remember when I was a nobody and a noob. *sigh*&nbsp;<br /> LOL

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