Introduction: Kne'x Mech Warrior/robot.

Picture of Kne'x Mech Warrior/robot.

This is a mech warrior/battle mech that i have made from the top of my head with no instructions and have made this. if you want it to be a robot, simply put on the head. there is also attatchment. if you have mprovements or attatchments please inform and ask for permission to post one with my desgn.
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the 4th picture was done by my younger brother who is 7, it was made out of mini knex.

i hate people who dont put piece counts, it takes a couple of minute and saves us lots of time.

these are for the whole thing, attatchments are next. if you dont have any ball sockets then i have made an alternative, this can be found in the arm section, im sorry but unfortunately i havent done a piece count but it is easy enough
red- 16
yellow/half moon-8
white/full moon-2
grey(2 connection)-2
y connector-6
purple 3d-6
blue 3d-2
blue (like the tan clips)-2

yellow/sparkly grey-1


jet pack:
orange connector- 2
y connector- 2
grey connector (1 connection)-2
blue connector- 2
black small wheel with holes around-2

spiked sword:
y connectors-9
ball joint-1
yellow bar-1

red connector-3
yellow connector-1
white connector-1
green bar-7
white bar-7

yellow bar-1
orange connector-1
whte bar-1

orange connector-2
red connector-1
whte bar-2

Step 1: Legs

Picture of Legs

these are the legs
1)build these
2)another view
3)another view
4)attatch yellow bar

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body

1)build the body
2)different view
3)different view
4)different view
5)different view

Step 3: Arms

Picture of Arms

1)build arms
2)different view
they are a bit flimsy, have you got any better ones?

the alternate arms connnect to the red pieces shown on the first arm.

Step 4: Head (optional)

Picture of Head (optional)

1)the head
2)different view

Step 5: Building

Picture of Building

this is just putting everything together.
in picture three and four the right arm is in lock position.

in the 3rd picture the blu bars should clip into the half moon connector to ensure the head doesnt fall out.

Step 6: Attatchments

Picture of Attatchments

these are the attatchments, if you have any of your own please tell me, and if you want you can make a real firing gun for it, i had an idea but cba building it.

the pictures show what they are and where to put them.
1-sword, shield, and gun
2-sword and shield, the white bars for the shield have been taken from the shoulder
3-the gun
4-spiked sword
5-go's on the hand/fingers
6-jet pack
7-go's on the back, you dont need the head, but need some  bars for it connect to, preferably blue.


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btrog (author)2012-11-14

Its awsom 4.5.

boom man56 (author)2012-04-07

can it walk?

instructaguy (author)boom man562012-05-06

The legs can move, and it has a knee joint, but it doesn't walk by itself

boom man56 (author)instructaguy2012-05-08

oh ok

instructaguy (author)boom man562012-09-01

would you like me to work on that though (the walking).

knexboy586 (author)2012-05-10

it is decent. imean kinda plain 4.0*

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