This is a simple knex gun I made that does not use too many pieces.

Step 1: Pieces

2 grey
2 grey
7 dark blue
7 white
6 yellow
2 green

10 grey
9 red
4 green
6 orange
2 yellow

1 rubberband
2 brown/black connecting rods
21 blue circles
3 brownhubcaps

Step 2: Make Parts

Make the frame. Make 2 of these [2nd not shown].

Step 3: Attach Parts

Attach the two frames.

Step 4: Make a Part

Make the ammo holder.

Step 5: Add Simple Parts

Add these two things to the top of the frame.

Step 6: Attach Parts

Attach the ammo holder to the top of the frame

Step 7: Make Parts

Make the triggers.

Step 8: Attach Parts

Attach the triggers to the top of the frame. You may need to take off other pieces first. You will also need to add on pieces you have not used yet. You will then have to add back on all of the pieces you took off in the same spot.

Step 9: Make Parts

Make the firing pin.

Step 10: Attach Parts

attach the firing pin .

Step 11: Loading and Firing

To fire and load put down the first trigger and put the ammo in the front. Put down the 2nd trigger down and the first up. To fire put up the first trigger.

yes u should there good lol
How do u guys actually tell how far it shoots? u dont actualy shoot a rod into a field or something, takte the near impossible task of ifnding it, then measure the distance, do you?
pretty much that what most people i see in vids do takes for ever
double cheese
looks a little weird.. but nice try +1 :}
wow. this worked pretty good. i like the double trigger. very cool. cheers, cartuner55
you said 2 grey twice. is that a typo?
its to brite!!!!!
hes right. just a tip: you should turn off the flash and turn on the light.
i like this gun! i like the design most of all !
creative design! good going how far does she shoot? have u seen this gun shoot over 200ft?
My design shoots about 10 feet - using a pretty weak rubber band. It would probably go further with a stronger rubber band. I've made the gun that shoots over 200 ft., but messed up a little, but it still shot far.
umm ok...if an elastic itself can not shoot tht far then obiuosly it cant shoot something elses that far. my best knex gun uses 4 5mm natural latex elastics and it only shoots bout 100ft. but i may be wrong. i might post an instuctable for a gun that can shoot strait through 3 layers of thick layered cardborad(mind you it has to have the right elastics.
that would be cool! PLZ POST!
I am peter the next derek jeter
Try another design next time this isnt not that good
OMG...I can bareley see the picture...MAKE THE PICTURES CLEARER NEXT TIME!
?????? You messed up on your comment
P.S. I m talking to super shooter.
Use reply then.
i couldnt get the thing to work......
and i have quite alot of left over parts that i dont know what to do with. several orange connectors, one green rod, and a black stub connector
ive made it but it makes no sense how to load or fire it, the triggers dont seem to connect to the ammo holder at all. please give clearer instructions
redo with the damn flash turned off!!!!!!!!!!
try taking the flash off ur camera for the pictures
is this semi automatic how much fps is this
in the photo of the frame it looks like the two grey poles are bent
They are a little bit, but it is not enough to make a diffrence[you know what it is like when you have a little brother.
looks cool!

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