K'nex Mill Lift





Introduction: K'nex Mill Lift

The k'nex mill lift is part of my cyclo ball machine.

The instructions for it can be found in the cyclo elements instructable.

Per request, ths is a picture of the motor and gears, which is now also available in step 3 of the aforementioned instructable: Motor top view



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    In de hyperspace training tower zitten er heel wat. dan heb ik ook enkele tubs waar er een paar inzitten. (zoals die gele tub, de solar set.)

    Hier een paar, daar een paar, en uiteindelijk heb je er veel.

    How long did it take you to sync all of those gears? I've seen something like like this before, good job!

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    Doesn't take long caus there aren't that many. And Kairah (kairah89) made his version of it soon after seeing mine. it uses medium gears instead of large and small.

    As it says in the description, it's part of my cyclo ball machine. the instructions for it can also be found in the cyclo elements instructable. I made this months ago but the reason I posted this separatly now is because I wanted to post it in the "k'nex lifts" group.

    Hmm. I love those twirly lifts, which work like Leonardo da Vinci's water mills. They are as compact as spiral staircases; compared to normal flights of stairs. You should use one.