Knex Mine





Introduction: Knex Mine

Somebody on this site made a mine like this but i modded it so now when someone opens the door they get a shower of spacers.PRSAC (please rate, subscribe, and comment)

Step 1: The Base

This is the base.

Step 2: The Motor, Part 1

You have to have a spring motor to build this.

Step 3: The Motor, Part 2

This is where you add the motor and shrapnel.

Step 4: Setup

Make sure that the orange rod is in so that it will not fall out.

Step 5: How It Works

So here's the gist of it: Victim opens door, rod falls out and things go boom. I also recommend setting it up on a high dresser or something and balancing other knex grenades on it so that when the mine is activated, they fall to the floor and blow up.



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    I tried this but it didnt work very well only a couple spacers fell off

    i made two mines, put the string between the orange rods it also works ;D

    can you make a safety pin for it so i can open the door safely when i want to?

    i made it so when u open the door it bangs the wall and makes a loud noise

    and u could have it use bands instead of the motor

    That is awsome how the band flings it around. Great concept.

    love the concept! 5*

    i like the concept man! stack a few of the snowflake pieces on top of each other for more projectiles and better spread

    Use a green Connector to angle the yellow rods upward so the shrapnel flies upwards. Would it be easier if you have the string tied to the bottom of the orange rod? Overall the design looks great!