This is my knex mini! I will soon make instructions for it, it is a great little derby car as it is REALY strong, some of the body kit is made so that it obsorbs the impact. and aswell as that it does look quite alot like a mini. And sorry if there are any spelling mistakes (im only 12 years old ) here is more information about it...

pro's     15                                                                                                          con's3
looks like a mini                                                          4 seater mod will take up more boot space and -
has an interior with dials                                                             seats probably wont move                             
has a modifyed mini v6 engine                                           the back end shape is not perfect
boot with lots of space                                                                        basic suspension
moving seats
escape roof
original white mini roof
with a matching white floor
opening doors (you HAVE TO )open it with handle
suspension that can be moterized (in real life it is front wheel drive)
the seats can be lowered or raised

                                                                              the stats (out of 5)
features                    *****                    5
the looks                   ****                     4
durability                   ***                       3

Hi. a guy called knex dude 2000 asked me if i was ok. are you his friend.
Yeah I'm his friend on instructables, why do you ask?
do u know what will be really funny if you put a speaker in the back of it and made it work then you could call your mini a pimped out mini because it is already lowerd so go for it and send me the pics
lol funny idea =D
yeah it may be funny but its cool <br>
nice car!
Thank you very much also could you vote this in the 'I made it photo contest' please. Thankyou ^_^
no prob! i will
thanks lol XD
you are also my 1st and 50th comentator!<br>
YES! XD lol
thanks!! =D
the instructions are here!!! if you want to build.... it takes 497 knex peices and 6 rubber bands (not for the suspension).<br>
thankyou ^_^
no prob
Looks very similar to my Rally Car V5.
realy? how? This was my idea completly If there is anything even similer its just a co- incidence iam soon going to make instructions and then you will be able to see closer maybe....
Ok, I was gonna say; Did my rally cars inspire you?
not realy but I do love yours and cooler than cool rally cars there awsome and ive rated 5* on all yours and his rally car slideshows ^_^
cool =D You also have my 1,100 th comment XD
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay what do I win? lol
You win an Apache Helicopter XD
tommorow I will make the instructions!! as I have just finished taking the photos but I still need to upload them and do the rest but its like 10:00 where I live so I cant today :(
in the instructions there is going to be an improved front crash absorbance thing<br>and from my mustang some better suspension

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