This is a bow I made at my friend's house once. It only uses 17 pieces and I think it shoots well for its small size.
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Step 2: Making the middle

This is the part the arrow will shoot through. The hole in the center acts as a guide so the arrow will stay (somewhat) on target. The pictures are a little fuzzy but they still should be understandable.
Make two of what you see in the first picture. Then connect the two with the orange connecter like the the second picture. This connector is what the arrow will shoot through.

Step 3: Supports and string holders

Every bow needs support so it doesn't blow up in your hand. The rods on each side will prevent the string holders from collapsing on themselves. Once again the pictures are fuzzy but I have a bad camera.
Pax4157 years ago
Nice bow. Check out mine.
C:\Documents and Settings\Fischer Family\My Documents\My Pictures\Paxon's Photos\2007-09 (Sep)\DVC00095.JPG
metroidfreak108 (author)  Pax4157 years ago
yea I made that one earlier and I sharpened the end of the arrow with a pencil sharpener. Now it goes through a box like 20 feet away.
I always sharpend my arrows with like a knife or something, pencil sharpener, nice idea.
Great idea.
SN1P3RL0RD2 years ago
Good Job. Can you make it where it's a bit easier to load the arrow?
FatFuck6 years ago
Totally cool, plain out simple and easy to make.
nice name
themaddog4 years ago
i build it it but then i build my own that can hit a target 30 ft away
metroidfreak108 (author) 6 years ago
WOOT! 1000 views!
corn99 aof6 years ago
made my friend bleed
pls corn99 aof6 years ago
Ulquiorra7 years ago
It works great! though i had to improvise because i didn't have the right pieces, and it ended up looking like a slingshot-crossbow mix :P
that Instructable is awesome
not bad, not bad!
metroidfreak please post
metroidfreak108 (author) 7 years ago
I made this other bow that should shoot longer arrows but I haven't tried it yet. Should I post? Also this one that I posted is my first instructable so I'm working on better stuff.
bedbugg27 years ago
s0lekill3r7 years ago
Looks pretty flimsy, but it is good considering it uses only 17 pieces.
Vynash7 years ago
hhhhhmmmmmm pretty good