My first Instructable. This is a mini catapult, about 3X3 inches, and fires well for its size. I expect mods to come out eventually.

Step 1: Pieces Needed

Easy to follow from the picture.

Step 2: Base

This is the base. Again, easy pictures.

Step 3: The Catapult Arm Part Thingy

Read the title.

Step 4: Rubber Bands

Sorry, I forgot to add rubber bands in the parts list. You should only need one unless you're making it hella strong.

For picture 2: It wraps down, then to the back. That might be hard to tell just from the picture.

Step 5: Firing.

This is how you load ammo. There are definitely other ways, though.

Step 6: Congrats.

This is the step that says you're done. The result should look like this.

Step 7: Added Power

I just recently found out that you can get more power by doing this:
What is the ammo?<br>
I WANT AN EASY BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &gt;:D
anyone want an extra&nbsp;strentgh mod so you can hold more elastics without it bending?
u forgot about the 8 purple pieces for the base on the paper
oh, yeah. sorry.
its ok i just wanted to tell u so u could fix it incase people just didnt relize u kno
nice pic dude x) lol rofl!!!!!stay kool man
i got this pieces too good one
I Got it to shoot like six and a half feet
Made it and it rules
dude whered u get the easy button ?
they're at staples.

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