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Introduction: K'nex Mini Cooper S Updated

About: Hi I am Jingo69 I have been posted lots of K'nex car tutorials in the past but haven't been posting for a while due to A-level exams and stuff, I will probably be posting in the summer though! ______________...

The new mods are mainly for strength and for better appearance,and changing the over-all shape a bit, the air bags are  2 switches at front disguised as lights, when they are pushed it pushes a rod to make the airbag push into driver, it clicks in and the bag stays out until you flick the light up and lights spring forwards with airbag. the video on the older version shows you exactly how it work and the rest of the features like.....

pro's 22!

AIRBAGS! can be modded for passenger and driver
other extra's like seat belts, and 4 seats
it is surprisingly really durable
interior with dials
v6  engine
boot with lots of space + no holes
moving seats
escape roof
original white mini roof
 matching white floor
opening doors you (have to) use handle.
4 wheel drive rubber-band power
seats can be lowered and raised
car is higher so suspension is more effective
the wheels are more out so it looks better

con's 3

when airbag isn't used the front lights are pushed out
the rubber-band power is good but isn't as powerful as k'nex moters therefore not powerful en-
ough but still does move a bit
It has no grip, you shouldn't put the tires on or the suspension won't work as well

                                                 The stats (out of five)
durability  ****'         4.5          it is very durable I dropped it from roughly 1 meter 20cm and the suspension broke but everything  else but a few disconnections was fine, it passed my crash test:)
the looks   ****'       4.5          gone down because the lights are pushed out when airbags aren't in use
features     *****         5               22 of them.

over- all ****'           4.5

Step 1: Updating Car

follow the pictures, they will have text boxes where updates are.

Step 2: How to Make Airbags

do all this and  then attach the front of a balloon onto the end and the bottom to the bonnet



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    Nice mods dude 5* only things are change your first image because it is blank at the search .PLEASE POST INSTRUCTIONS.

    1 reply

    Its blank? and I will post the full instructions when I am able to get out of the whole exam revision and homework situation i'm in :( -I promise I will make them some time...

    thankyou :D

    It's great when you first see this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-mini-5/

    And then this.

    That's a massive progression. :D

    I started building the camaro and that also failed! I then tried again building the charger and so far its working! so now I am definitely posting a '69 dodge charger :D

    lol yes, great!! cant wait to see it! awesome. i gotta decide what mustang im building!

    mustang 1969 boss / mustang 1968 fastback / are some of my favorites or you could just mod the one you made before if you remember how to build it :D

    yea i like the brand new one, like the 5.0, or the boss 302. ill probably build the new one again, but this one will be better! and instructions..

    Try making one of the old ones, they look very nice !

    thank you! your too kind! :) I'm now working on the charger