Knex mini cross bow is the result of a few hours of work. It's pretty small, made from knex minis, and I think that it has a true trigger but I am not sure what's considered a true trigger.

Step 1: The Handle

Here is the handle.
ehhh not bad... <br>
I dont like how this one is made out of mini knex.
uuuuuuurrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm...........<br /> make it out of big knex then
Its still bad no matter what you make it out of.<br />
I do
I like how this one is made out of mini knex. It's cool!
what do the black connceters look like
I was looking for a knex crossbow all over the website and here I found one.
these are the small version of knex<br />
it's okay i guess, a bit flimsy and only a countertension trigger. but 3 stars.
it exploded in my hand, ii loaded it with 2 bands, ouch..... *screams and cries*
less rubberbands och.
how much can you get with less? I destroyed the purple min rods accidently.
Yes, it's a true trigger. I like it, a lot.
I've made it out of reg Knex to.
It could use a better handle but not bad for mini knex.
*yawn* not bad for mini

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