Knex Mini Oodammo Pistol





Introduction: Knex Mini Oodammo Pistol

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good power for its size
uses very little pieces
compact and concealable
four shot mag
swing out mag

kind of flimsy

Step 1: The Handle and Trigger

Step 2: The Barrel

Step 3: The Mag



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way too many missing parts, but luckly, i was able to make it. it is a good pistol.

Good pistol. I like it. I made it for my little brother. 5*

Step1 pic4, how do u make the three yellow connectors and two white rods for the handle, it's hard

I have no idea why people are having problems with this gun I have made sniper rifles and lmg's and this is probably One of the best knex gun I have ever made! I made 4 for duel wielded knex wars!

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i will upload pics of my version soon but i carnt now because i am at my dads


no mag pusher, half finished instructions.

other than that its brilliant

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Mag pusher is the rubber band

this is really rofl495's invention...check him out! he came over one day and made the gun posted this ible in like 20 min, lol. he has some pretty good replicas

hello everyone.

in step 1 pic 6 you have to add a black (that is the colour of mine) y connectoc (single)

I wish u told us about how to use the mag and where to put the bands for the mag
is it supposed to shoot more than one round at a time?

sweet gun
I shot 75 ft. with a mod i attached though

stuck on the 6th pic. how do you attach the 5th pic to the gun? y connector and caucasian rod i know but i dont know what they are... help!

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Heh heh heh, Caucasian rod... hah thats funny
well not really but still i think its pretty cool
Caucasian rod...*chuckles*

you attach it to the green rod to the gray connector or idk

nice gun , but i moded it since i was VERY low on parts after bulding a sniper

Amazing 5* almost no flaws. only thing is that the handle is small :P

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It is supposed to be as small as possible.

then how is it a flaw?