Knex Mini Pocket Gun





Introduction: Knex Mini Pocket Gun

Old gun. My first original. Small and effective too! Good power for its size. I'd rather have a Fat Man tactical Nuclear catapult. Oh wellz. :DDDD

Step 1: Parts

Get these parts.

Step 2: Gun

Build this.

Step 3: Rubber Band

To make the gun work at it's best, use broccoli bands. Wrap the band around twice and cover only ONE hole.

Step 4: Loading and Firing

To load, slip a blue rod into the uncovered home and pull back the rod with the rubber band until it clears the switch, then slide the switch. (unfortunately, it is block trigger.) To fire, just flip the switch.  Have fun with it and please comment(regarding the gun).



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    I made a gun that shot the same way and was almost the same size, but the thing didn't shoot more than a foot.

    this knex gun is so awsome. Nice knex gun.

     This is exactly what i've looked for cuz i have really few parts!


     Yea dangerous as in shot it at myself at arms length and start laughing/ 

    4 replies

    Yeah. While I appreciate the creative comment, you have to notice that this was poster 2 years ago. Not dangerous whatsoever.


    Yeah.. maybe you should remove that from the ible... but maybe you could be like a bit more creative like add a liittle ammo holder or something on the bottom. or maybe make a double bock trigger.

    You are indeed a respectable commenter, unlike those raging haters. Maybe you'll like my small assault rifle instead. True trigger. Mag. lol


    yeah.. maybe... and thanxs for removing that its dangerous from the instructable. at least its not as bad as some of the other knex weapons on the site... i built this thing it couldnt peirce paper from a foot away... hey i just thought.... what if u had a ton of these cocked and threw them on the ground..... new grenade?

    Awesome gun! You can also swap the ammo with the yellow rods, you just need a stretchier band.

    AWESOME! I'm going to make this. (maybe even two...)

    that is insane!!!!!!

    I hated it couldnt get most peices (the brown 1) and DOESNT fire i give it 0 outta 10

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    but maybe you had the rubber band in front of both of the holes

    There is no brown piece. damn right it fires. You can't say it's bad if you didn't actually finish the gun. If you did, why don't you post a picture.

    im confused, whats the tan clip for?

    first block trigger gun i actually like (apart from KILLERK'S, but i think this is better)

    pretty awesome...its a block trigger but its unique