K'nex Mini Transformer Tank





Introduction: K'nex Mini Transformer Tank

This is a simple but cool transformer tank, with step to step guides on how to build it,
the following piece count does not include the weapons piec count, but they are easy enough to buld anyway.

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You may have seen this transformer on youtube, if you type in the title of this instructable you are sure to find it, if you're wondering if i copied it? I didn't, the video on youube is mine, and not copied, it's by videolew. if you don't believe me, i'll just prove it.
Thank you and enjoy

pice count:

green-  4
red (90 degree)- 1
grey/purple (1 connector bit)- 1

blue-  2 (3 including turret/ bar thing)
green/black-  3

Y connectors-  3
wheels-  4
spacers/washers-  4

I added a picture of my other transformer that you can build too.
Just type in k'nex mini transformer jet.
Or go to-  https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Mini-Transformer-Jet/

Step 1: Body

This is the bit where you make the body

1.make ths
2.Add the bars
3.Add the washers/spacers
4. add the Y connector

That's the body done.

Step 2: Arms, Legs and the Rest...

This is the bit where you make the arms and the legs

1.Make these
2.Get these
3.Attatch them to the body
4.Add the pieces from step one
5.And the same for the other sde
6. Fold up and clip together (the green/black rod and the y connect, push them together until you here a clck, then they are secure, if you don't hear a click then either the rod or the y onnector is broken or faulty, or you just didn't hear the click)
7. Add the weapon of choice, preferably the weapon of mass destruction.

Step 3: Transforming

Easy steps to transforming.

1.Here's your transformer in tank mode
2. Twist the Y connectors 90 degrees to allow the rod to pop out (just like the top Y connector in the picture) this is easier than ragging the rod out
3. Now your transformer should like like this, to transform back connect the rod and the Y connector, just like the bottom Y connector on picture 2.
4.Here's a picture of it in robot form.
5. Here's another one of my transformers available to build
6. The same one in robot form



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Does it turn into a plane picture 6 looks like its a jet.

It is good like the other one. Perhaps the next step would be to make the transformer bigger and more complicated. I'm working on one myself currently I've got loads of ideas in my head, but none of them come out too well =D


Ok thanks, but if im honest i prefer the smaller ones, and the bigger more complicated ones often use pieces that i dont have, or have enough of.

Okay, too true I guess I also have a lack-o-certain-pieces.

Me too.

not all of mine come out too well either.