Picture of bolt action knex gun
a super powerful gun with a magazine and a true trigger. Its one of the best guns ive ever made.!!
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Step 1: The Handle

Picture of The Handle
This is how you make the handle. pretty simple just follow the pics.

Step 2: The Body

Picture of The Body
1. Make This.
2. Make This.
3. Put the two together like this.

Step 3: The trigger

Picture of The trigger
1. make this.
2. make this.
3. make this.
4. add pices 1 and 2
5. add piece 3 to the other one.

Step 4: The magazine

Picture of The magazine
1. Make 2 of theese
2. top veiw of step 1
3. connect the two pieces

Step 5: Ram rod

Picture of ram rod
follow the pic.

Step 6: Magazine pushrod

Picture of magazine pushrod
follow the pic.

Step 7: Putting it all together!!

Picture of putting it all together!!
1. add the trigger and handle to the body.
2. add the magazine and pop in the pushrod.
3. push in the ram rod.

Step 8: Coking and firing

Picture of coking and firing
1. flip the orange piece down and pull back the ram rod.
2. push up on the trigger to turn off safety(the orange piece)
the trigger should replace the orange piece. your gun is now loaded
3. pull the trigger to fire!!

Step 9: Sniper option

Picture of sniper option
add two grey pieces to the second white linker that the magazine is connected to.
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turn mag uside down and add pusher and it would be really good
joeyay5 years ago

182515 joeyay5 years ago
It wasnt a fail two years ago.
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Coking and firing lol
james45 years ago
that's a bipod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
james45 years ago
do you have to use that roller coaster piece? plz respond
james45 years ago
what do you mean comment 3?
lunchboxrc (author) 5 years ago
yea, the only thing is though, be careful with the mag because itcan jam when longer. also i have created a really sweet L96 sniper with bolt action. i will post. it has a foldable stock!
bannana15 years ago
is it k if i make small handle n bigger mag by big mag i mean about 20-30 rods ?
64runners6 years ago
no offense but not that good of a handle but the gun is still good
Well, atleast the trigger is true and it has a good clip. So I'll go for 3 stars.
lunchboxrc (author) 6 years ago
I will post my l96 possibly.(better gun)
Owenmon6 years ago
one of you're best guns? no offense but i dont think knex guns are for you =( mabye knex cars, or bows, or ANYTHING YOUR HEARD DESIRES :D
Owenmon Owenmon6 years ago
its a hopper, not mag.
its a mag....
how is this a minigat? Its bolt action. However, nice with the true trigger. (not powerful, though.)
that trigger was stolen off the yakg http://www.instructables.com/id/Yet-Another-K_nex-Gun-YAKG/

at least it has a true trigger and not a block trigger. i would rather you steal a true triggr then put on a block trigger.
Hard to create an original true trigger, lol
yeah thats the good thing about it.
there is a nother thing good about it. it is the mag. if you look closely you can see that the orange connectors go inside of the grey rods. this makes the hopper never jam. i know that because i usely use that for my hoppers but i never posted one gun with that.
yeah but thats kinda obvious.
well that works so well because it always loads corectely and closer to the berral
The Jamalam7 years ago
Not a bolt action...
lunchboxrc (author) 7 years ago
owen46467 years ago
just asking but wut do u mean by a black piece? a small black rod??
lunchboxrc (author) 7 years ago
knexyoohoo7 years ago
this gun works amazing thanks alot lunchboxrc eaven my brother likes it
KnexFreek7 years ago
What is the middle blackish brownish piece on step one? Is it an orange piece? Or a yellow???? Plz respond!!!
it is orange.
lunchboxrc (author) 7 years ago
theyre all green ones
KILLERK7 years ago
very creative design i would like to see u make an assault version of this gun
Ahh, thankyou for changing the name to bolt action.
lunchboxrc (author) 7 years ago
if you want the gun to be more powerful then just add a grey rod to the ram rod instead of a red one.
bedbugg27 years ago
arrgghh he made the name worse lol! 1. its not a minigun 2. its not semi auto!
lunchboxrc (author) 7 years ago
I put minigat as a joke but now i changed the name.
might want to change the name again because a mini gun is a gatling gun lol I know you just meant small gun but thats not what it looks like.
Not a minigat. BOO!
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