Sorry about all the slide shows that have so little pictures, i just started to make instrutable slideshows and stuff. I give credit to knex21 for the design and the mechanism.
<p>Wow! I am going to make my one version!</p>
Give me the instructions of that gun Please!!!
Very nice. I like how you keep it simple, not a lot of parts (except for the random pieces)
pretty cool user name: Superpoopa LOL <br>pretty cool gun and..... <br>I HAVE THE SAME MOTOR just 1 blue and another one of the same in black <br>THE GUN LOOKS KOOL AND I WANNA BUILD ONE
i think the black motor is rly fast
it's actually not it's decent but the same motor you have, and the same just different colours,<br>they are all the same speed, depending on the battery power
they are pretty good but if you want a better and faster one i'd recommend the wired one with the motor box, the lead coming out of it, then the box with the direction switch thingy
IT IS NOT A MINIGUN. This doesn't even have multiple barrels! simply a machine gun. CHANGE IT. Click on the reply button in the bottom right of my comment or I won't know you even replied.
This is one of those guns you say it is total awesome sauce, so im just gonna say its total awesome sauce! ( P.S. i love random attachments to ).
no prob!

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