Sorry about all the slide shows that have so little pictures, i just started to make instrutable slideshows and stuff. I give credit to knex21 for the design and the mechanism.
<p>Wow! I am going to make my one version!</p>
Give me the instructions of that gun Please!!!
Very nice. I like how you keep it simple, not a lot of parts (except for the random pieces)
pretty cool user name: Superpoopa LOL <br>pretty cool gun and..... <br>I HAVE THE SAME MOTOR just 1 blue and another one of the same in black <br>THE GUN LOOKS KOOL AND I WANNA BUILD ONE
i think the black motor is rly fast
it's actually not it's decent but the same motor you have, and the same just different colours,<br>they are all the same speed, depending on the battery power
they are pretty good but if you want a better and faster one i'd recommend the wired one with the motor box, the lead coming out of it, then the box with the direction switch thingy
no prob!
IT IS NOT A MINIGUN. This doesn't even have multiple barrels! simply a machine gun. CHANGE IT. Click on the reply button in the bottom right of my comment or I won't know you even replied.

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