K'nex Minigun




Introduction: K'nex Minigun

Well it's been a while since i published any instructables so i thought i would considering i got an new camera today! Yey no more webcams.

Step 1: The Handles

Firstly Start out with one of those K'nex round disk things and place the handles as shown in the picture Also add a stand, well a bipod to be precise.

Step 2: The Barrels

Ok just do what it looks like in the picture as you can see i have had to put the barrels opposite from each other it is not difficult but it may take a while to line the barrels up to each other making sure they don't bend.

Step 3: The Stand

Now this is the last step add two long bars of K'nex  and violia! you'r done



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    I agree with Dr. Richtofen, it is acceptable (for kid K'nex) but seriously, get your hands on some "Normal" K'nex and then come back.

    Oh for f*cks sake... THIS is a minigun.


    More like a load of plastic Anyway What's all that plastic everywhere plus i took it apart And please don't swear it's not cool.

    I'm not trying to be cool, I'm fed up of people creating a lot of worthless creations when some of us spend time on our work! K'nex minigun, should have made that clear, though now I'm the expense of a joke...

    Cool. It's baby knex by the way.