Knex Ministox Special Edition.





Introduction: Knex Ministox Special Edition.

Hi this is a ministox car which my dad builds. I built it because I wanted one of my own but made out of knex. My car has front suspension and It has had a makeover using new parts and taking of parts that are not needed . The car has a fastenable seatbelt which can only be released when you click the button behind the seat. The reason why I cant install rear suspension is because my standard suspension is not strong enough to hold the total weight of the 4  kilo's of knex. A metal windsheild would'nt be possible to add to the car so I am making a upgrade for this car in the following weeks.

Positives of the car:5

Front suspension
Seatbelt clip
Lighter weight
Strong bumpers
Good crash test

Negatives of the car:5

No steering
No rear suspension
Front and rear axles can be removed easily
Weighs a lot (4 kilo's)
Uses a lot of my knex



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    Well its body is as strong as a tank but the wheels can come off if you smash it with one of my other cars. But it is the strongest yet from all of my cars.

    That thing looks strong! I bet it doesn't break easily.