Picture of Knex motor tune-up anyone can do!!!
Have a noisy K'nex motor!?? I did, and after following this instructable, you will have a motor that is ten times quieter, and runs much smoother, with bit more torque!

This instuctable is created for the average person; that they can do with household supplies, while more professional tools can be used in place of others at will.

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Step 1: Initial diassembly

Picture of Initial diassembly
-With your #2 Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws holding the motor case together. They will be hard to "crack" the factory bond the bolt has the first time.

They are all the same size, so no marking of the locations of the screws is required.

-Pull the case apart, it should separate easily!

-snake the motor out, the wires will be somewhat stuck and twisted around near the wire outlet hole.

jaret4 years ago
i found out that you can also use lube like Gel Lube or 3 In 1 lube instead of the jelly
Sorunome4 years ago
What do you do if the screw is so broken, hat where thescrew diver normally grbs the screw doesn't exist anymore??
JerryMopar (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
What I would do is to drill out what is left of the head, then pull the cases apart. You would then be able to grab the sawn off threaded portion of the screw with a pliers and turn it out
And the cases don't break when you do that?
what set do you get these motors in?
ive got about 4 or 5 different sets and not one of these motors
nah, i wont kill myself, but i do really NEED one of these motors
Sorunome4 years ago
Is it also for motors that sound like this? (You have to watch it a bit till you'll see it!)
JerryMopar (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
Holy Cats Thats a screamer!!!!!. Sounds like one of the bearings on the little DC can motor is begging for a drop of oil. Do the 'ible, and you should have a much quieter motor
UHoo... it diddn't work!! :(
Sorry, I just forgot to oil the back of the motor (step 4, pic 2). Now it works veary good! It's one of my quiestets motors! Great! 100*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JerryMopar (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
Good to see I guessed right. Glad to hear it worked out in the end! Have fun now iwth your quiet motors! Care to post a "After" vid????
I think, that I won't, because I'm busy building a ball machine right now, but they are a bit quieter than the first lift in this ball machine (mine!!!). Of course you can watch the hole vid! :)
I have 2 of these "screamers". :)
Foyet5 years ago
Thanks my motor sounded like a banshee. Now i can barely here it!
JerryMopar (author)  Foyet5 years ago
Thats great to hear (or NOT, pun not intended) Glad it made your motor run better!
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Thanks the motor in my screaming serpent wasn't working. WHen i did this it worked very well ty. 4*
I just it!
i have another motor(i have 2) kinka like this but it has a short cord and the other has a long cord and the longer 1 is the same the boxer and shorter 1 is different if you want i can get some pics
UltraMagnus7 years ago
hmm.... interesting.... a couple of things really 1) I am pretty sure you should use silicone lubricant on plastic gears, rather than motor oil 2) you can never really have too much lubrication....
JerryMopar (author)  UltraMagnus7 years ago
This is meant for people who dont have a whole toolbox and box of lubricants at home. I in fact have silicone grease and oil, but 90% of people have Petrol Jely and a small bit of motor oil aorund. Petrol Jelly should NOT harm the plastic gears at all, however, if they were made of rubber, different story. I agree with you, but in this case, yes, in the knex motor you can vae too much. Dont want to glob everything up when its going to all get over you, your knex, and your mums carpet!!
I guess i see your point, however silicone lube isn't exactly expensive, and a tube lasts ages. I didn't know those motors took to leaking grease, have not touched my knex in years.
combot557 years ago
Is that a USB motor?!
JerryMopar (author)  combot557 years ago
No, it just is a "quick Connect motor" from one of my lost mines sets!
ironman697 years ago
cool I might do this but 1 question does it really give it more torque?
JerryMopar (author)  ironman697 years ago
well, it wont be able to drive your car with it, but the added lubrication will make it more efficient, thus creating slightly more power and touque. It is still limited by the clutch on the output gears
HA! I have the exact same motor(s) and screwdriver. But anyways, nice job, this would help A LOT. +1 rating.

this works great

very good I got a hi pitched screaming and scratching noise to a nice low pitched hummm.
JerryMopar (author)  the_burrito_master7 years ago
Yes!! good job Thats how mine were too! I will probably post a before and after vid soon of my motors.
sweet! I have this problem too I'm going to do this this weak end.
JerryMopar (author)  the_burrito_master7 years ago
Kool man! tell me how it goes!
its cool lol yeah I will.
dsman1952767 years ago
o and you should add knex as one of the key words, you have knex k
JerryMopar (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
i added a bunch, mustve cut them off, thanx for the compliment! This was my first instructable!
i like the instructable. for some reason it combined all the key words. you should go back and fix that. very good job if this is your first instructable. the instructions are very clear. by the way, have you seen some of my instructables?
JerryMopar (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
I have looked at a few of them. Looks like your more of a "gun" knex'er. I mostly build vehicles and engines and different mechanisms, although knex guns are awesome!! Love the 16 round Gatling gun you made!
*note that the 5 pound gatling was made by givadanger* yea i make normal things from time to time. i have a 4 foot faris wheel up and a roller coster i designed.
dsman1952767 years ago
i like it. i always hate how loud that motor is. i have a broken one that i could take apart to try and fix and do this to it. good job! +1 :)