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Introduction: Knex Mp5k

About: My names John,I've been building with knex for 5 years And am currently working on a lever action tube fed shotgun =D



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    there is different styles of the mp5. The sights were the kind i preferred. The rail system can be changed. The reason I created this gun is because I wanted a reliable system that was compact,accurate and could become smaller if needed.

    you probably made the mp5K version, without the stock. 3.5 * though

    If it is possible without wrecking up the gun too much: an trigger guard.
    And, on the rail system, add an foregrip ( on the yellow and maybe red connector closest to the mag) and on the red connector on the front: add that thingy thats goes down (if you google "mp5k" you know what I mean with that thingy)
    Other than that, it seems pretty good!

    I did do that yesterday. I made it shorter,gave it a front grip and made the mag a little bit more stable. Also the stock isnt really nessecary because the gun is made to be small and compact. It is kinda hard to make the sights very close to the actual sights.

    Ok, photo?
    For the sights;
    You could make the front sight rounded, by adding a yellow flexible rod on the yellow connectors on the front. The stock isn't needed, as the mp5K doesn't have a stock, but it has the grip

    Im not really a fan of doing that style of front sight.

    I just thought about posting instructions for this :D

    It would be slightly updated(new trigger) and a more compact mag to look even more realistic =D

    I just searched mp5k on instructables and almost cried at how pathetic some of them where =p

    hopefully soon I can post another update. Im still trying to figure out the rear sight and how to make the mag release without broken yellows. The only problem is that the gun is to compact.