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The Chunky Sniper! (author)2012-01-06

Needs work.

there is different styles of the mp5. The sights were the kind i preferred. The rail system can be changed. The reason I created this gun is because I wanted a reliable system that was compact,accurate and could become smaller if needed.

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442012-01-07

you probably made the mp5K version, without the stock. 3.5 * though

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2012-01-08

what should I improve?

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442012-01-08

If it is possible without wrecking up the gun too much: an trigger guard.
And, on the rail system, add an foregrip ( on the yellow and maybe red connector closest to the mag) and on the red connector on the front: add that thingy thats goes down (if you google "mp5k" you know what I mean with that thingy)
Other than that, it seems pretty good!

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2012-01-09

I did do that yesterday. I made it shorter,gave it a front grip and made the mag a little bit more stable. Also the stock isnt really nessecary because the gun is made to be small and compact. It is kinda hard to make the sights very close to the actual sights.

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442012-01-09

Ok, photo?
For the sights;
You could make the front sight rounded, by adding a yellow flexible rod on the yellow connectors on the front. The stock isn't needed, as the mp5K doesn't have a stock, but it has the grip

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2012-01-09

Im not really a fan of doing that style of front sight.

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442012-01-09


Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2012-01-23

Update :D

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442012-01-23


Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2012-01-24


dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442012-01-24

no problem

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2012-05-13

I just thought about posting instructions for this :D

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442012-05-13


Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2012-05-14

It would be slightly updated(new trigger) and a more compact mag to look even more realistic =D

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442012-05-15

Nice! :D

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2013-01-28

I just searched mp5k on instructables and almost cried at how pathetic some of them where =p

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442013-01-28

XD Some indeed are

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2013-01-29

hopefully soon I can post another update. Im still trying to figure out the rear sight and how to make the mag release without broken yellows. The only problem is that the gun is to compact.

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442013-01-29

Yeah, the MP5K indeed is very compact. For the rear sight, maybe you can try the one on Knexgurl's (which turns out to be Blue Mullet) Sig?

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2013-01-29

Ya,I thought about trying that idea for the sight next. I think I had a version once where the trigger was more inside the gun making it so I could put a trigger guard, I guess that means I have to start searching my pc for the pics...Theres only 1,000 pics to sort through.

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442013-01-29

Hehe. What you also could do, is the following:
You see that yellow connector on the broken red rod in the handle? (middle layer) Take that out, and put a hinge on the broken rod. That way, you can still have a trigger guard with this trigger

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2013-01-30

Well,I couldnt find a pic of the version I was talking about. It was probably on a now dead usb drive that had all of my guns on it(mp5k,famas,ump 45,pump action,bolt action sniper,lever action,ruger mp-9,etc), so I guess I'll have to start that part without any pics. Im also trying to find a way to add a folding stock to make it the pdw version.

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442013-01-30

Oh, to bad the usb is dead. 'Bout the pdw version, maybe you can try modding rec0n's stock to fit on

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2013-01-30

Ya,Thats what I've been trying to fit as the stock.The usb had most of my designs concepts and ideas D= Death by magnet.

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442013-01-30

That really sucks. Can you really not recover the files?

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2013-01-30

nope D=

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442013-01-31


Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2013-01-31

It might be a week or two till I post the the next version because Im going on a two day trip and then there is school D=

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442013-01-31

Ok. Just take your time

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2013-03-16

Well I cant get the stock idea to work. I've managed to add a mock bolt and more realistic mag well. The only problem is that I now have to figure out a new mag/mag release design. I'll put up some pics to show you soon.

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442013-03-16

The mock bolt and mag wel sound good :) Maybe, for the folding stock, you can try Rec0n's or Knexmad's folding stock idea (not sure who had it)

Johnhall44 (author)dr. richtofen2012-01-10

I made the back sights better but now they dont work very well D:

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall442012-01-10

oh, maybe you can try shadowninja's sights. They look good, and work ok

Hmm... this actually looks like an MP5K.

charlie-on-our-6 (author)2012-03-25

this is cooler but the sight needs to be rounder (if it isn't gone I suggest you add something).4.5*

Ya, I know bot knex are only in certain shapes so that causes a problem.

you don't have any flexible rods?

ya I have some

then put them to good use.

Johnhall44 (author)2012-01-18


Johnhall44 (author)2012-01-09

don't forget to rate

beanieostrich (author)2012-01-06

I noticed the blue y connectors in the mag, I only have one blue one lol. But anyhow, the gun seems alright.

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