Knex Mp5





Introduction: Knex Mp5

About: i love knexing and hobbies are gas powered rc cars
Here is my baby my favorite gun or model, it shoots 45 feet with 2 64s. It has identical dementions length height ect...

Step 1: Foregrip

Speacil thanks to burrito master for the awesome grip.

Step 2: Middle Section

This step has the magazine firing mechinism and handle

Step 3: Stock

The stock it should be pretty easy

Step 4: Putting It Together

put the gun together now muahahahahaha!



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    Y didn't u put more pics? This is so freaking confusing making the fireing mech.

    2 replies

    No, you can't even compare both as an MP5 is an sub-machine gun. The m4 is an assault rifle/carbine.
    And so, please tell me why the MP5 is more used world wide than an m4?

    2 replies

    never mind the mp5 is my favorite smg now

    Ask any one here it does not count as a slingshot it shoots the rubber bands too

    but it still shoots bullets DUH

    im do saying is a so could MP5

    200 dollar custom tooled cartridges at ten-thousand rounds per minute. =3


    From what I see, these pictures are just out of order.

    This has been posted for over half a year you think i still have it?