Here is my baby my favorite gun or model, it shoots 45 feet with 2 64s. It has identical dementions length height ect...

Step 1: Foregrip

Speacil thanks to burrito master for the awesome grip.

Step 2: Middle Section

This step has the magazine firing mechinism and handle

Step 3: Stock

The stock it should be pretty easy

Step 4: Putting It Together

put the gun together now muahahahahaha!
Y didn't u put more pics? This is so freaking confusing making the fireing mech.
its too easy i can make it from one pic
Pretty easy for me <br>
No, you can't even compare both as an MP5 is an sub-machine gun. The m4 is an assault rifle/carbine.<br>And so, please tell me why the MP5 is more used world wide than an m4?
never mind the mp5 is my favorite smg now
good boy
na because it shotes bullites
<p>Ask any one here it does not count as a slingshot it shoots the rubber bands too</p>
but it still shoots bullets DUH
im do saying is a so could MP5
what does it shoot<br />
200 dollar custom tooled cartridges at ten-thousand rounds per minute. =3
&nbsp;Thats what she said!
From what I see, these pictures are just out of order.<br />
do a parts list and if i can build i will rate 5*
This has been posted for&nbsp;over half a year you think i still have it?
oh i didnt know
wast of time do it as a sling shot then its worth making
Not very smart are you mp5's are repeaters in general so i made it into a repeater get it.
i meant if it was a sling shot repeater it would have&nbsp;a lot more power
No such thing done with knex please get off my ible now
It's been done, called a &quot;pseudo semi auto&quot;.<br />
Its a rbgp(rubber band gun projectile)
Look carefully, that mag is real. &nbsp;Look at solekiller's Pseudo semi auto on youtube, his works like that.<br />
Yes i know that magazine is real i just dont classify that gun as a slingshot.
yes there is ive made 1 with 7 shots ive lost the picher but her is nother 1
Thats a rubber band gun 'o' so smart one.
900 view
I thought it was an smg.
yeah it is why do you say that
I have thereal thing. Something is different...
what does it fire?<br />none of the rods fit well
grey connectors<br />
sweet but i wish i had that many whites
there substitutable
im starting a parts list for this just so you know
sweet thanks
if i re bulid this i will tske it apart and then pice count
He hasn't made a piece count.
How is it working lol
i gave up its hard the pics are confusting but i did make it before but it took some time
what are you talking about
well i never though of that
Y put 1 pic twice and another three times wot do i do
What kinda ammo does it use?
if you took of the little gripy part on botton you could make it into a stg-44................ just saying
switch out hinge for ball socket joint and the mag is detatchable.

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