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Introduction: K'nex Mp5k Elite

Here is my new mp5k Elite,
im not gonna explain how to made it, but it is very easy to made, just take a good look.
I also made a few photo's of the difficult parts, so enjoy!

Step 1: Take a Good Look

take a good look
here are the other parts

Step 2: The Trigger

the trigger is very important,
it looks a bit like killerk's gun
but it is different!
as you see you have to modifie 1 piece
just cut it off.

Step 3: Fire Part

first make the fire part, the rest will come later.
this is the most important.

Step 4: The Handle

the handle looks a little bit tricky but it is also easy to made.

Step 5: Frontside

Step 6: Backside

make sure that the backside is strong.

Step 7: Scope

Step 8: Parts You Need

this is what you need for the mp5k Elite

Step 9: Parts You Need

Step 10: Pushstick

ofcourse an important piece.

Step 11: I Hope You Enjoyed This Slidshow



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Im not trying to be mean but.....Fail.

they are AWESOME!!! 100percent awesome

No, what are you thinking !

i just love the way the barrel is made :D
Good job

Where are the yellow half connectors?!