Hey peps lol. This is a soft air gun and its prety cool like a mp5k (their a n other instructables with this gun but no soft air). So this gun shots 10 to 35ft not bad i guess and i hope u love it

Step 1: The Ram and the Bb Pusher.

So the first 1 is the bb pusher<<< and the second one is the ram. Plz tape the ram cause if tho much elastics the ram will pop out : ( But easy to make XD
looks a lot like the mp5
it just does.
do u even no what a mp5 looks like? ,or r u blind and have special needs?
it just looks similar, from my point of view.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://world.guns.ru/smg/hk_mp5n.jpg">here</a>this is an mp5 + <br/>
ya, to me it kinda looks similar, in a way.
ok then........? what way?
LOL you fail.
i don't know. to me it just looks similar, now stop getting mad at my own opinion! i have the right to say whatever i think without you trying to prove m wrong.
I don't have to be emo for being shot not to hurt. Hell, I cut the tip of my finger off and had to wait in line at the ER just for them to stitch my finger back together with anesthetics that came out with my blood. I read The Farside in the waiting room....
i know, i cut my finger almost to the bone (tip to hand joining point) and i just wrapped it in a bandage to stop the blood.
I read the Far Side when I got a crossbow bolt through me too!
I know! It's like the hospitals <em>want</em> you to laugh so that your severe internal bleeding worsens! <br/>
the number one thing you never want to hear a doctor say when he is operating on you is: "oops."
what happened to "laughter is the best medicine"?
LOL Not when you still have the arrowhead of a crossbow bolt embedded in your back.
I know..."Ha ha! Laugh, as we watch you writhe in pain, from our one-way mirror!"
I'm serious about that. It went about 10" in, too. Not ALL the way through, but, ow.
And how did it come to pass that you were in a position as to be hit with a crossbow?
My friend, when I was with his brother in Tennessee(where x-bow sale is legal) who had one, my "friend" aimed it up, it came down, and stuck into my back. I am very lucky that it didn't hit an organ. I still have the scar.
Wait... He aimed up, but the bolt fell off of the crossbow?
No, he hit the trigger.
... I don't think he likes you.
LOL No, he aimed up, tried to move his finger out of the guard, and accidentally hit it.
the hells your problem
My problem is that I have severe nerve damage in my finger 'cause the tip was cut off.
you emo or somethin?
If I was emo, I would be purposely cutting my wrists, and I would be severely depressed. I do and am neither.
well i wish my grass was emo... so it could just cut it self////
I'VE heard that one before.it is still funny.tee he...
hey this is a good gun but next time u make one rethink the handle cause it is really uncomfy
switch with red connectors.
ok lol sry but now im only making paper gun click on my name to see them
looks just like any other pistol, exept true trigger.
the trigger was copied.
o dear.....
yep, its yannyboys trigger.
and he copied it from knex_gun_expert...
did not
sorry, that comment is old. that person has change there name since then. now it is "knex_builder_freak".
copied off moine
lol i was just about to comment on that
sweet gun! alto i was having problems with the mag
what did you attach the top thing with
it looks like a USP pistol

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