These rubberband guns are really cool, and also very reliable. I've made a single and double barrel version, they hold 8 and 16 rubberbands respectively. Unlike most rubberband guns I've seen, these don't shoot all the ammo off at once, instead a special trigger allows you to shoot them off one at a time. The trigger uses a unique device called an escapement, it allows the sprocket to only move one click at a time. The trigger also has a rubber band pulling back on it to aid in loading the gun. The gun is fairly simple, and loading it is simple too. Just put rubberbands on from BACK to FRONT(order is important), then click the wheel backwards to continue loading the rest of the gun in the same manner. It's really fun to use and has pretty good range and accuracy.

Warning! don't try to make a quad-barrel version of this gun. I made one and when I pressed all the triggers it blew up! It was so awesome!!!!! but probably not all that safe.

If anyone wants instruction (although the pictures are almost instruction enough) tell me, and maybe I'll get around to putting some up.
i think it is kool
Post an "ible" on these please. :)
put up some insrtuctions
built it, modded it, and love it. :) 4*5
tut plz
great idea !
post please
In the words of my for-fathers! post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..post..
only four fathers? i see a lot more then four in there.
plz post instructions
Beautiful escapement wheel mechanism--love it!
I've posted three new pics. The first shows the underside detail and how to put on the recoil rubberband, while the other two show the inner workings of the trigger assemble. By the way, these guns are built to look like western pistols (they even feel like pistols when your holding them).
man, thats a great mec you have there! i am going to make this after i eat breakfast.
LOL What did you have? Do you even remember?
I cant get it to work =(<br/>
I'm new here and I don't know all that much, but I was wondering what type of trigger my gun has. Is it a block trigger, a true trigger, or something else I haven't heard of yet?
this is a true trigger. true triggers are pulled like real triggers block triggers have to be turned to the side.(don't post a pilstol with one of these or face persecution.)
Are you the person who put people on the LIST. Don't worry, block triggers aren't good enough for me!
lol, yes i am the person who posts the list. thoughn i have not posted it for months.
man i just made this(with a different body) and i love it. great mecanism!
Please post instructions! It looks like a great gun!
suite! instructable next?
Instructions, please.
I may try and make a sweet Pseudo (dunno how to spell it XD) semi auto with this. Kind of like Ironman69's put with this mech.
Could you guys figure out the trigger, I'm not sure if you could see it all that well. Should I add a cutaway picture so you can see it better?
yes please if it is no trouble. i am really good at seeing things in pictures but there are just to many pieces in the way.
Please can you. By the way awesome gun!!! :)
I'd like to try this out, since I have had barely any luck with RBG's in the past.
Looks pretty good! its wuite simple though, so you could post in a forum.

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