Introduction: Knex Multiple Arm Ball Machine Lift

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Hi! Here are the instructions to the multiple arm lift.

Here's a video:

This isn't the exact same as the video though, because I forgot to make the instructable when I made this.

Step 1: That Section There... ?

Picture of That Section There... ?

Nah, this has a name. This part holds the ball dispenser, I just can't summarise it into a title.

Step 2: Extra Safety to That Part

Picture of Extra Safety to That Part

This section fits on top of what's been built so far.
It should give a clear view where the arm comes to.

Step 3: The Ball Dispenser

Picture of The Ball Dispenser

As the name explains.

Step 4: Adding the Dispenser

Picture of Adding the Dispenser

Again, self explanatory.

Step 5: Roll Into Dispenser Part 1

Picture of Roll Into Dispenser Part 1

This section will hold the path coming into the dispenser.

Step 6: Roll Into Dispenser Part 2

Picture of Roll Into Dispenser Part 2

Here's the actual track the ball goes on.

Step 7: Putting That Part Together

Picture of Putting That Part Together

Here's the side bit attached to the dispensor bit with the path on it.

Step 8: Adding 4 Red Rods

Picture of Adding 4 Red Rods

Just get 4 red rods and add them like in the picture.

Step 9: The Real Part Beggins!

Picture of The Real Part Beggins!

It's just a hexagonal prism, only with a bumper at the front. I'll stress it in the picture.Y

Step 10: Adding It In

Picture of Adding It In

This fits in to the four red rods. All together it didn't fit into the picture, so that's why it's split into 2 steps.

Step 11: Layer 1

Picture of Layer 1

Layer 1 excluding the main base. There should be a missing blue rod (that's where the lower arm comes).

Step 12: Sticking It On

Picture of Sticking It On

Now stick that layer to the rest of the lift.

Step 13: Layer 2

Picture of Layer 2

Now the second layer. This time there are 2 missing red rods. They get in the way of the crankshaft.
You might realise extra parts sticking out, they're to hold the motor.

Step 14: Adding the Second Layer.

Picture of Adding the Second Layer.

The bit on the side should help with the orientation.

Step 15: Layer 3

Picture of Layer 3

This is layer 3, as the name says. Like layer 1, it's missing a blue rod.

Step 16: Adding Layer 3

Picture of Adding Layer 3

Sorry about the photo, the side bit should clear things up.

Step 17: The Motor

Picture of The Motor

This part is for the motor (of coarse).

Step 18: Adding the Motor

Picture of Adding the Motor

This motor attaches to the side part.

Step 19: Motor's Rod

Picture of Motor's Rod

The picture is of the rod that clips into the motor with gaps where the motor, white connector and the orange connector go.

Step 20: Adding That Rod With Spacers

Picture of Adding That Rod With Spacers

Here is a demonstration where the rod goes.

Step 21: The Crankshaft

Picture of The Crankshaft

This is a doulbe crankshaft which is why there's no room for two extra red rods. (an excuse to save pieces).

Step 22: Adding the Crankshaft

Picture of Adding the Crankshaft

There is space for two more blue spacers on the tan rod, enough for the crankshaft.

Step 23: The Lower Arm

Picture of The Lower Arm

Here's the lower arm, there is a large hub as a counterweight.

Step 24: Adding the Lower Arm

Picture of Adding the Lower Arm

This is why a blue rod was missing in layer 1.

Step 25: The Upper Arm

Picture of The Upper Arm

You might've realised this arm is shorter. Good, you should have.

Step 26: Attaching the Upper Arm

Picture of Attaching the Upper Arm

This is why there was a blue rod missing from layer 3.

Step 27: The Other Side Bit

Picture of The Other Side Bit

This section supports the side opposite the motor.

Step 28: Adding the Side Bit

Picture of Adding the Side Bit

Put this on the side opposite the motor. The orange connector should clip into the crankshaft

Step 29: Layer 4

Picture of Layer 4

This layer Holds the exit track. The last picture is for if you want a split path afterwards.

Step 30: The Exit Track

Picture of The Exit Track

Almost done! Build this, add it, and thats it!

Step 31: Adding the Exit Track

Picture of Adding the Exit Track

Just stick it in and you're good to go!

Step 32: Done!!

Picture of Done!!

Now you're done (as the title suggests). Try to make sure there's not much tilt in the room because it added to the trick photography in one of my videos, I mean, HAPPY BUILDING!


Knex4Life23 (author)2012-07-24

Nice ball machine

KNEX-pert (author)2011-12-29

Excellent! 5*

The Chunky Sniper! (author)2011-12-29

Nice job! 4.5*

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