This is a 4wd K'nex truck with functional doors, a tailgate, under-the-hood motor/batteries access, a steering wheel (dummy), gear-shift (dummy), seats, spare tire, and a bed. The 4wd system is quickly configurable for front/rear wheel drive only.

I'm only struggling with the hood because my other hand is holding the camera. Note the door.

Step 1: Intro

I made this truck roughly a week after I first started playing with K'nex. At first, having been raised on Lego, I was reluctant. In time, however, the possibilities of K'nex became very appealing. This design is based on the second 4wd chassis design I've come up with (which is pretty much a larger version of the first).

Parts list is as follows (numbers such as 45, 180, etc refer to degrees of connecting span):
Tan locks: 11
2 1/4" gears:2
small friction gears (usually gray):4
locking small gears (usually gold):2
small black connectors (will connect to length of rod but not to end):17
Orange 180 connectors:28
Yellow 180 connectors:29
Green 135 connectors: 45
Gray 45 connectors:11
Blue 360 interlocking connectors:24
White 360 connectors:18
Red 90 connectors:39
Purple 180 interlocking connectors:36
One-rod gray connectors:39
General purpose small connectors (any connectors smaller than gray one-rod, like tan lock):13
Blue spacers or length equivalent (may use small connectors for 2 blue sometimes):42
Gray spacers:9
Wheels (of choice):5
Smallest wheel (steering):1
Gray rods:17
Red rods:12
Yellow rods:17
Blue rods:29
White rods:76
Green rods: 102
Orange flex rods:4
Ball joint balls:4
Ball joint sockets:3
Red panels (longest length yellow rod):4
Black panels (longest length red):1
power pack:1
dude i made it as a baja truck ill have to post it its prudy sick
you should turn it into a crawler.
<p>I like your car is cool!!!!!</p> <p>I dont know about you but the front bumper and the grill looks<br /> like a 1956 ford truck =D</p>
I see it. Wow, I wonder if I subconsciously did that?<br /> <br /> Sorry for not updating like I said I would, everybody. Haven't really k'nex'd in a while D:<br />
I made this and put suspension on it nice ute
Pics?<br />
Sweet!<br />
Very nice, will build if I have time. i am thinking of putting an engine in, like knex's own engine design in the Blazer Model on thier website- <a href="http://www.knex.com/club/bonus.php?view=vehicles">http://www.knex.com/club/bonus.php?view=vehicles</a>&nbsp;the engine actually has pistons that move up and down! Look on the 'blazer' model instructions. I have made it and have made the engine into a V8. Im sure it will fit into this truck nicely
I'm so glad :D I really liked how the &quot;engine bay&quot; turned out, I'm sure it will look much better with a mock V8 than a basic K'nex motor unit. Be sure to upload pics if you do it!<br />
please post a trailer
here is what my snow plow attechment looks like it is the same desingh as this but made out of k'nex. sorry it is not the k'nex one i made because i don't have a camra, but i can take a picture of it on my phone and i don't have the corde to upload it an to the computer. if you have a toy snow plow you can easily coppie that desingh. i will help you out a bit. you know the to orange connecters on the front bumpper turn them so they are ulined with the yellow coneccters on the grill and put bluee stick threw the orange and yellow coneccters on both sides. then put 3 small blue spacers you have to use the small blue spacers put them on the blue stick bettween the orange and yellow spacers. then you should have room to put a orange connecter in front of the blue spacers and build off of that.
I made a snow plow attachment for it and boy its cool
cool. you should upload pics
how about a trailer hitch and trailer
those are easy to make, you don't need an instructable for that
storm950 it is not that hard
I added bigger tires on it and I had to mod the doors
OK I see when will the mods be done
has to be a yellow cog? i only have two but i have 8 red cogs
You only need two yellows... You could also make it fwd and use a red one (if indeed the red gears are missing the pins allowing for perpendicular rotational energy transfer).
o good
i made my own gear mod for it and shortened the bed, i also put bigger wheels and made it taller.
Oh wow, cool! I'd love to see some pics. It originally started out with a shorter bed but it just didn't look right to me. I only have two of the yellow 2 and 1/4 gears, so I can't do the gear mod yet. Actually, to be honest, I've disassembled the truck and am working on a chassis that has solid axle suspension on both front and rear, and it uses gunner1089's universal and rear drive system, and functional front steering.
Sounds cool, here are some pics <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/my-knex-vehicles/">https://www.instructables.com/id/my-knex-vehicles/</a><br/>
Nice job!
Thanks! Parts list coming soon, as well as some mods (low gear :DDDDD)
Very nice, I cant wait for the gear mod.
just so you know the 3.5 inch wheels wont work on the front without modification.
Damn, this not only looks cool but complicated too!
Well done, that is very good! It is nice to see something a bit more substantial than just guns.
thats prdy gud.

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