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Introduction: Knex (or K'nex) Simple Box

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Its not a gun. Its not a huge roller coaster. Its not one of that weird machines that use 18438 pieces. Its........   A SIMPLE BOX!!!. Yes, its a simple box that opens when you take the front lock and you push the sides. I was bored and i needed a place to put in the neocube (look for it in youtube) and the money (but I think I should search for a safer place). If someone wants to improve it, he's free of doing it. In a frutue (aurnod smumer) I'll myabe do a sodencd visoren taht wlil be a pzluze box. 

Simplicity: 9/10
Pieces used 10/10
Safety 4/10
Looking 6.5/10
Instructions 8/10 
Rigidity and stability: 9/10
Total: 46.5/60 (I need to improve the safety)

I hpoe you lkie it!

Step 1: Piece List

Coming Soon!

Step 2: Base

Just build it.
1: Top view.
2: Bottom view.
3: Another view
4: Add the four yellow rods.

Step 3: The Walls

They're the main body.
1: Make this
2: Make four
3: Make this
4: Make this
5: Make this
6 to 15: Put bits in this order

Step 4: The Lid

This is the lid. just doit and attach to the rest of the body.
1: Make this
2: Make 7
3: Make this
4: Another view
5: Make this
6: Broke it
7: Attach it
8: "Repair" it
9: Make this
10: Close up view
11:Broke this (from first photo)
12 to 19: Attach the parts to the yellow rod

Step 5: Joining and Opening

Just follow the images and you're done!



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