Its back, and even better than ever before! this is my best gun to date. the main changes between this one and the old one is that this one has a rail, a better triger system (it blocks really far back) and it looks a whole lot better. it gets about 50ft with two thick bands as shown. i had to melt the pin togeather because banding or taping it would reduce the range by over half. it fires blue rods with a magazine capacity of 8 rounds (it requires 2 broken orange connectors). you can also slip 50 rounds into the stock. credit goes to barrax for the heartbeat sensor. tell me what you think!

(update) https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-p90-v2/

War hawk ones p90 (pic 12)
Knexgeeks p90 (pic 13)
Verypoopys p90 (pic 14)
<p>Wow. Just wow. You did an amazing job on the P90. 5*</p>
<p>I agree, but this guy is gone. He joined the Army some time ago.</p>
post instructions 5*
Theres a forum topic on my profile about it.....
dont care, post some instructions. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!! <br> <br> <br> <br> - Gassybeans
I sold my knex like 2 weeks ago.
all of them?
AHA!!! https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-P90-Instructions/ :D
Im shtill sho confushed :( <br>
* Jaw drops on floor *
On looks, this is THE best p90.
Thanks! :-)
If you still had your knex, would you post instructions for the sight?<br/>
probably not lol the pin wasnt the best.... i posted internal pics and i think someone already has posted instructions on the site. :)
post the heartbeat sencor! <br>i'm looking for a good one but i can't find one!
Sold my knex over a year ago lol XD
love the heartbeat sensor!
Thanks :-)
Its the best p90 of instructables 5*!
Thanks =D
I will give you a cookie
lol XD
What meen XD?
look at it sideways =D
lol, sorry im french so i dont relly catch these words
lol its a face =D
can i make a mod to the trigger, stock, and top of the magazine. and then post ( : <br>
Sure! id love to see it! =D
yaaaaaaay and THANKS (:(:(:(:(:(:(:
No prob! =D
ummmmmm slight problem, my computer keeps saying hp error so i cant post it for now <br>
Good job!
Thanks =D<br>
Love it, do you think you could try and make the original mag idea, that would be awsome.
=D lol, i sold my knex months ago...
Aww shame, Still love it like :)
Thanks =D
Ooehhh shiny.........
Thanks =D
where's captin Mactarvish's blue dot?
mw2? mission; cliffhanger, the use of the heart beat sensor?
oh lol XD
PLZ POST PLZ POST PLZ POHOHOHOHOHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Understandable enthusiasm, this is pretty epic.
Thanks =D
knex are gone...

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