Picture of Knex p90 v2. (update)
Its back, and even better than ever before! this is my best gun to date. the main changes between this one and the old one is that this one has a rail, a better triger system (it blocks really far back) and it looks a whole lot better. it gets about 50ft with two thick bands as shown. i had to melt the pin togeather because banding or taping it would reduce the range by over half. it fires blue rods with a magazine capacity of 8 rounds (it requires 2 broken orange connectors). you can also slip 50 rounds into the stock. credit goes to barrax for the heartbeat sensor. tell me what you think!


War hawk ones p90 (pic 12)
Knexgeeks p90 (pic 13)
Verypoopys p90 (pic 14)
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~KnexBuild~3 years ago
post instructions 5*
~KGB~ (author)  ~KnexBuild~3 years ago
Theres a forum topic on my profile about it.....
dont care, post some instructions. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!!

- Gassybeans
~KGB~ (author)  gassybeans3 years ago
I sold my knex like 2 weeks ago.
all of them?
~KGB~ (author)  gassybeans3 years ago
AHA!!! :D
Im shtill sho confushed :(
james4 ~KGB~3 years ago
* Jaw drops on floor *
~KGB~ (author)  james43 years ago
On looks, this is THE best p90.
~KGB~ (author)  megustatrains1 year ago
Thanks! :-)
If you still had your knex, would you post instructions for the sight?
~KGB~ (author)  2000smartkid1 year ago
probably not lol the pin wasnt the best.... i posted internal pics and i think someone already has posted instructions on the site. :)
Kona-chan1 year ago
post the heartbeat sencor!
i'm looking for a good one but i can't find one!
~KGB~ (author)  Kona-chan1 year ago
Sold my knex over a year ago lol XD
love the heartbeat sensor!
~KGB~ (author)  FireFighter1122 years ago
Thanks :-)
Its the best p90 of instructables 5*!
~KGB~ (author)  Element Force2 years ago
Thanks =D
I will give you a cookie
~KGB~ (author)  Element Force2 years ago
lol XD
What meen XD?
~KGB~ (author)  Element Force2 years ago
look at it sideways =D
lol, sorry im french so i dont relly catch these words
~KGB~ (author)  Element Force2 years ago
lol its a face =D
can i make a mod to the trigger, stock, and top of the magazine. and then post ( :
~KGB~ (author)  knexrule20122 years ago
Sure! id love to see it! =D
yaaaaaaay and THANKS (:(:(:(:(:(:(:
~KGB~ (author)  knexrule20122 years ago
No prob! =D
ummmmmm slight problem, my computer keeps saying hp error so i cant post it for now
~KGB~ (author)  knexrule20122 years ago
Good job!
Thanks =D
Love it, do you think you could try and make the original mag idea, that would be awsome.
~KGB~ (author)  sharpbike1232 years ago
=D lol, i sold my knex months ago...
Aww shame, Still love it like :)
~KGB~ (author)  sharpbike1232 years ago
Thanks =D
Knex.X3 years ago
Ooehhh shiny.........
~KGB~ (author)  Knex.X3 years ago
Thanks =D
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