a bit like my first phone dock but improve it's miles better! =]

Step 1: Gather These Bits.

Get these bits =]

Step 2: The Bottom

Now lets start by making the bottom

Step 3: The Top

Now to doing the top bit

Step 4: Joining

Now to joining them together
Join them by the little blue rods

Step 5: Then

You should get this.....
new camera?
this is brilliant! how come people have only given this a 2 and a bit rating! it is really good. oh and in answer to the person belows comment the phone that fits it is a sony ericsson w810i although it will probably fit any other phone of that sort of size (width:4.7cm hieght:9.9cm) hope it helps. AWESOME STAND MATE!
it good my phone fits 5/5
dont you just love sony ericssons :D
yup sure do
i dont like sony ericssons i like LG's
my mobile doesnt fit -.-
wot phone is it?
cool dock (first comment) BACK OFF SMIDGE146

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