Picture of Knex pistol
Mite not fire properly.
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Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle
Not so hard. Just look at the picture.

Step 2: Top part

Picture of Top part
2x red sticks
2x blue sticks
6x green sticks
1x green connector
4x red connectors
1x grey connector

Step 3: Crank

Picture of Crank
Made with
10x dark grey connectors
2x bage connectors ( for stoping 4 pars slipping )
1x blue small connector ( same reason )
1x red stick

For pushing the bullet
1x white stick
1x grey connector
1x rubber band

Step 4: Putting together

Picture of Putting together
put them all together. DUUU  

Step 5: Reloading

Picture of Reloading
It mite be hard. Thats if you know how to do it.

I haven`t got a picture of a bullet. But i can describe it;
It is a mini black peice of K`nex. 

Step 6: You are ready to fire

Picture of You are ready to fire
As you know just pull the trigger.
tytiger334 years ago
Get rid of this now.
Doc Penguin (author)  tytiger331 year ago
will do
Doc Penguin (author)  tytiger331 year ago
will do
it seems really weak, how far it shoots??
Doc Penguin (author)  sniper_lover1 year ago
it doesent really shoot.
Lol. "Might not fire properly."
~KGB~4 years ago