A knex pistol I made. It is based off of the Z35 but it doesn't have a mag. The gun shoots 25 feet with two rubber bands but it can shoot farther with more. (last pic is one of IAC's heavy cannons)
awesome grip
--can be used as a shotgun
--great trigger
--no scope or sight
--no mag

edit: WON'T POST
Yeah, some tutorial....
MMMMM LOVE THE GUN BUT.........I HAVE NO HINGES :wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love the bow, but on the pistal you could make a better handle like my guns
Meh, its ok. It needs a better firing pin, better trigger, and a mag of some sort.
I just changed the trigger-- it comes out farther and the black and blue connecter was changed to a two-lot grey
Wait, it blocks further up the barrel? It should block very far back.
the trigger doesn't come out farther but the part where you pull back with your hand isn't blocked by the handle as you can see it is in the first picture---i would have given you a picture but i waited for 30 min and my library won't load
its ok
ya, i know, it isn't the best one on this site but it isn't the worst (mac 10= best)
lol =D

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