This is just a simple knex pistol i wont be posting beacause you can build it off the pics.Pros and cons.

     - good range
     - looks awsome

As if there isnt already over 9000 of guns that look just like this one.
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiMHTK15Pik" rel="nofollow">lol, over 9000<br> I</a>&nbsp;know this is clich&eacute;
It's rather mediocre, try adding a magazine.
nahh im not gonna,,,,,,,,,,,,,To lazy
Awesome! 5 stars. Oh, and small isn't really a con. If the gun is small, <br>than you can hide it better, or you can maneuver around quicker.
no problem
I'm almost certain that an identical gun has been posted in the past.
It's ok for people who just started k'nex guns, but it is'nt very good for this time's standard.Sorry, but 3*

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Bio: Awesome knex builder
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