Hi guys
heres my new knex pistol

i made it this morning
its got a true trigger
fires greens, whites, blues, yellows i use blues
NO mag
new 5 layer design
chunky (idk if its good??)


Handle and trigger need work. &nbsp;<br />
i no<br /> i broke up this gun like straight away<br /> it SUX<br /> it dont fit in ur hand nicely<br /> and the trigger part brakes<br />
please type proper grammar, people prefer that really =D<br />
ok<br /> <br /> ill type proper now<br />
p o s t
its rubbish and loooooooooooooong gone
not bad!<br />
i need to know how to make trigger mechanisms<br /> then i can make assualt rifles<br /> <br />
dunno try copying someone elses...<br />
iv built viccie's sipirini rifle<br /> then i did knexmaster7000's sniper mods to it which= GOOD<br /> <br /> i broke up this pistol coz i hated it coz its chunky and trigger is a bit far forward for my liking<br /> <br /> it doesnt fit in ur hand nicely sooo<br /> and i built someones sniper target<br />
lol<br />
&nbsp;The pictures arent showing up on the slideshow :(
fixed it m8<br />
ok ill fix it<br />

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