Hey everybody, this is my k'nex pistol update. The ones that know about my pistol before this one, well now it is updated. Now it has a brand new awesome sight. It also has a way better handle, it is way comfier than before. It also has this thing on the top that looks like a slide....... but it's not. It is a un-jammer. So when the gun jams, (which it hasn't) it will un-jam. So I hope you like the update and please comment, rate, subscribe!

pros= way better looking, comfier handle, un-jammer, and great sight.

cons= the range is only like 15-20 feet.

Nice un-jammer idea :-) Noo! Don't shoot teddy!
<p>Haha and thank you!</p>
<p>Thanks man!</p>
<p>Cool! I am not sure how the unjammer works though. :/</p>
<p>It shakes the gun a little and the bullets will shift, I tested it by jamming it kinda on purpose and it works!</p>
<p>Ok, cool.</p>
Cool gun but an &quot;u jammer&quot;??
<p>Un-jammer, when the gun jams it will un-jam it, I have tested it, it works!</p>

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