Knex Pistol W/ 9 Round Magazine Pull Action


Introduction: Knex Pistol W/ 9 Round Magazine Pull Action

this is my knex pistol, the magazines in the handel, good power, good range, crappy accuracy, very small

part count:
 white snowflake 10
yellow half moon 9
green four joint 2
red three joint 5
grey one joint 7
orange straight 9
black half hole 2
blue clip 2
tan clip 2
y clip 6
red rod 1
tan rod 1 (red works to but not as well)
blue rod 2
white rod 25
green rod 36
elastics # 18 9

Step 1: 1-15

1. build 2
2. build this
3.assembal as shown
4 build this
5 attach
6. build this the tan clip is a blue clip, i ran out and made my own
7 attach
8 build this
9 attach
10 build this
11 assembal
12 build this
13 assembal
14 attach a blue rod
15 build these

Step 2: 1-19

1.attach to the blue rod these
4 build this
6 build this (red rod works but not as well)
7. insert
8. get elastics 4 in each pile
9-10 put the elastics on
11 bullets
12 bullets in magazine, put three in at a time and jam up quickly with a rod (magazine pusher)
13build this
14 insert
15 get this
16 insert
17 get an elastic
18-19 attach the elastic, youre done! to fire pull back the ram untill you here two clicks and release slowly then pull the trigger



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    I like these basic pistols.

    Looks more like an uzi than a pistol.

    Actually, the rules of the site say that correct spelling and grammar should be used at all appropriate times.

    Nope. I do periodical grammar checks too.

    Old, and overused design. Nothing special here.

    its alright