Introduction: Knex Portable Hard Drive Stand


here I am whit an "Knex portable hard drive stand".
The sand is made for 2 hard drives but you can upgrade it to 4, 6 hard drives and than you have a HDD tower!

Supports: HDD of 2,5inch (lacie, Ipro, Western Digital, ...)

I'ts easy to make it!

Step 1: Make the Support!

Making the supports is an inportant step! make 2 of it!

Step 2: Power Suports!

make this things once

Step 3: Assembely: Support and Power Suport

Step 4: Put It Together

First: add 6 yellow rods to the 6 blue connectors
!!! make sure that the support whit the blue power support is the bottom !!!
Second: connect the yellow rods whit the blue connectors on the top!

Step 5: Wiring and Add an HDD on the Stand

So the last step!!! wiring is so easy!!! follow the red triangular connectors! you need to put your wire to 6 connectors and then to the pc!

Step 6: Upgrade!

if yo got more than 2 HDD you can upgrade to an HDD tower.
How: add 4 green rods on the top of the stand and connect the green rods to an other stand!


Killer~SafeCracker (author)2009-12-19

Looks good.


Mmmmm killer crakers i mean aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa killer krakers

Seleziona (author)2009-12-19

is okay....

Mr. Muggle (author)2009-12-19


~KGB~ (author)2009-12-19

not bad.

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