Picture of K'nex projectile launcher
Here is a very simple yet powerful K'nex projectile launcher with a ammo rack. It is very easy to make and uses only the very basic K'nex pieces. If you like this please don't forget to vote!!
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Step 1: Build the base

Picture of Build the base
The base is very simple to build. Just attach 8 Yellow rods to 2 white connectors like the photos show.

Step 2: Add the rubber-band

Picture of Add the rubber-band
Attach the rubber-band to the base. This is a little tricky to do. If you don't like how i did it, just put it on your way, it does not make much of a difference.

Step 3: Build and attach the ammo rack

Picture of Build and attach the ammo rack
The ammo rack is optional, it is much nicer if you have a ammo rack because you can hold up to 5 grey rods. (The ammo)

Step 4: Add the ammo to the ammo rack

Picture of Add the ammo to the ammo rack
The last step and the easiest step is the last step, just add the ammo to the ammo rack.

Congratulations!! You are done with your K'nex Projectile launcher!!
Dozer, how far does this go exactly? This looks pretty innovative, whatever it is, I think?
And I'm also expressing hunter's and sandro's concern: how does the thing work?
dozer789 (author)  DarkOwlProductions2 years ago
Sorry about not showing how to use it, you put a grey rod in the hole of the 2 whites where the 8 yellow rods go around. Hope this helps.
Oh now I see it, nice!
dozer789 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
Thanks!! Don't forget to vote either!!
Voted :)
dozer789 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
Thanks a lot!!
dozer789 (author)  DarkOwlProductions2 years ago
I shot it in my house and it went about 20 feet but it was stopped by the wall so i think it could go 30+ feet.
18efroese2 years ago
Did you copy my cannon or did you figure it out your self?
dozer789 (author)  18efroese2 years ago
Just looked at yours, mine is similar, but it has a ammo rack. I hope you don't mind me posting this? I don't want anyone mad at me or anything.
It's fine
dozer789 (author)  18efroese2 years ago
I figured it out myself, i didn't even look at other K'nex guns.
How does it work?
dozer789 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
See my reply to DarkOwlKnex.
hunter9992 years ago
Nice, but a vid may help