Here is a very simple yet powerful K'nex projectile launcher with a ammo rack. It is very easy to make and uses only the very basic K'nex pieces. If you like this please don't forget to vote!!

Step 1: Build the Base

The base is very simple to build. Just attach 8 Yellow rods to 2 white connectors like the photos show.
Dozer, how far does this go exactly? This looks pretty innovative, whatever it is, I think? <br>And I'm also expressing hunter's and sandro's concern: how does the thing work?
Sorry about not showing how to use it, you put a grey rod in the hole of the 2 whites where the 8 yellow rods go around. Hope this helps.
Oh now I see it, nice!
Thanks!! Don't forget to vote either!!
Voted :)
Thanks a lot!!
I shot it in my house and it went about 20 feet but it was stopped by the wall so i think it could go 30+ feet.
Did you copy my cannon or did you figure it out your self?
Just looked at yours, mine is similar, but it has a ammo rack. I hope you don't mind me posting this? I don't want anyone mad at me or anything.
It's fine
I figured it out myself, i didn't even look at other K'nex guns.
How does it work?
See my reply to DarkOwlKnex.
Nice, but a vid may help

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