Hi , I've put some R.C monster jamz suspension into the rally car and i have replaced the wheel axles but   removed the motors so it is a push along car.Please watch my videos. IF ANYONE HAS A 3DS OR 3DS XL I CAN TRADE FRIEND CODES IF YOU WANT.  PLEASE FOLLOW ME.¬_¬

Overall it is better than before but i have mods for this car comming soon.
That's very cool!
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Those shocks look like the ones on my large RC Ram Truck. I don't plan on taking my truck apart anytime soon, but really cool mod! I'll show you my Porche mod that I'm posting soon.
knex fr3ak2 years ago
You took those pictures with the 3ds i broke! So it wasnt broke when i shot it at the pool table!!!!