Step 1:

Step 2: Dual Scope and Red Dot on a Gun.

Don't use tape.
where did you get that red y-connector? btw, cool sight
Dunno.. haven't purchased a knex set in probably 8 years.
got 2 red y's in an knex box that i get, they even have green/blue y-connectors :)
Cool :) I have black, silver, gold, red, blue and teal.
i know black, teal and red y connectors, but silver and gold!? can you show a picture of them, i never saw them before
oh ok
lol, in holland a ''boer'' is a farmer, so if i would translate that, you said farmerland
lol, i fatfingered it when i was typing XD
ok lol
Cool. Good one.
nice one! I'm gonna make that :)
Good jobe thats how i used to make sights for my guns.<br> <br> Why dont you make a real dot sight like my new one, its not that hard to make&nbsp;and its free.&nbsp;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Working-Reflex-Dot-Sight/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Working-Reflex-Dot-Sight/</a><br>
I see for the main iron sights, you sanded down grey cons o:
Those parts are incredibly useful! The removable mag Zkar's bullet lock, the Swagboss's turret, hinge with an axle to name a few.
thank you
They are more or less a half hinge. (the black bit)
Ohh, Cool :D i never really looked at those though o:
How did you get the heartbeat sensor pic?
lol, just from google image and then print on the right format.
whats the format?
7,5cm by 7,5cm
thanks man =D
no problem.
The idea is good, although i must stress that red dot sights are pointless because to aim, you need at least 2 points of reference.
There are 2 points :D, but they must be further between
Yeah that's what I meant, I just worded it badly. That's what I don't get about COD, they always aim perfectly xD
Yea, I know :)
thats epic!

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