Knex Red Dot Sight





Introduction: Knex Red Dot Sight

This is my Knex red dot sight (more like orange dot) and like most knex sights, attaches to most guns in one way or another.

Piece Count:

1x knex tyre
2x yellow rod
2x white/grey rod
3x yellow connectors
2x orange/brown connector
1x funny orange dot thing

Pic 1: The sight
Pic 2: Looking down the red (orange) dot sight
Pic 3: A typical Red Dot sight
Pic 4: Attached to Kinetics Semi Automatic Gun

Thanks for looking at my instructable and please rate!

Step 1: The Easy (and Only) Step

Don't worry, nothing hard, only building it in one step!

Pic 1: Build this
Pic 2: Add the two orange rods (if you want, you can add more of the orange rods as filler)
Pic 3: Add another yellow half moon
Pic 4: Put a tyre between the first two half moon pieces
Pic 5: Attach a short grey rod to keep the tyre in place
Pic 6: Place a grey rod with the funny orange piece and arrange it like so
Pic 7: Voila! a nice little red (orange) dot sight!

Step 2: More Images

Yeh, this is only more images, will add to it when i have built anouther couple of guns

Pic 1: A crossbow (not my design) Link:
Pic 2: The sight (same gun)



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    this worked perfectly on my modified knex gun, cheers

    ive actually done this before in an attempt to make an acog sight :P

    Fits nice on my modified M40A3 instead of a scope

    1 reply

    modified? M40A3 w scilencer and m203!

    nice i like this i might use this sometime

    fitted it to my barrett unfortunatley had to make some changes but only for the red dot bit

    8 replies

    would you mind postig a pic of it plz?

    srry for strange time postings, 3am instructables site time is 11am british time :)

    cant get my camera working i will have to try tommorow

    this is freaky, whenever i logon, someone has posted something like 30 seconds earlier

    strange. i may be able to get the cammera working but i need new batteries so it may take a while

    o.k thx anyway

    the red dot is back how strange

    aaaaa you cant see the red dot but it is there

    heres the red dot on my barrett.

    barrett 50 cal. v2 006.JPGbarrett 50 cal. v2 007.JPG

    i like this as much as the acog scope perhaps even more

    1 reply