This is my Knex red dot sight (more like orange dot) and like most knex sights, attaches to most guns in one way or another.

Piece Count:

1x knex tyre
2x yellow rod
2x white/grey rod
3x yellow connectors
2x orange/brown connector
1x funny orange dot thing

Pic 1: The sight
Pic 2: Looking down the red (orange) dot sight
Pic 3: A typical Red Dot sight
Pic 4: Attached to Kinetics Semi Automatic Gun

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Step 1: The Easy (and Only) Step

Don't worry, nothing hard, only building it in one step!

Pic 1: Build this
Pic 2: Add the two orange rods (if you want, you can add more of the orange rods as filler)
Pic 3: Add another yellow half moon
Pic 4: Put a tyre between the first two half moon pieces
Pic 5: Attach a short grey rod to keep the tyre in place
Pic 6: Place a grey rod with the funny orange piece and arrange it like so
Pic 7: Voila! a nice little red (orange) dot sight!

Step 2: More Images

Yeh, this is only more images, will add to it when i have built anouther couple of guns

Pic 1: A crossbow (not my design) Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyot28D3BNo
Pic 2: The sight (same gun)
Awesome sight!!!
<p>nice man. 5*</p>
this worked perfectly on my modified knex gun, cheers
ive actually done this before in an attempt to make an acog sight :P<br>
Good Job !
son thats nice
Fits nice on my modified M40A3 instead of a scope<br>
modified? M40A3 w scilencer and m203!
nice i like this i might use this sometime
fitted it to my barrett unfortunatley had to make some changes but only for the red dot bit
would you mind postig a pic of it plz?<br><br>srry for strange time postings, 3am instructables site time is 11am british time :)
cant get my camera working i will have to try tommorow
this is freaky, whenever i logon, someone has posted something like 30 seconds earlier
strange. i may be able to get the cammera working but i need new batteries so it may take a while
o.k thx anyway
the red dot is back how strange
aaaaa you cant see the red dot but it is there <br>
heres the red dot on my barrett.
i like this as much as the acog scope perhaps even more

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