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Introduction: Knex Revolver

This is my Knex revolver I coppied zombiekiller93 but made a working hammer a better handle that is more comfortable and a barrel with no rods sticking out and a nicer sight. I will make instructions if you vote for me and comment.



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    Not to be that guy, but I don't think this should win the contest.
    It's pretty much Zombiekiller's gun, with only minor modifications.
    Zombiekiller's one is in turn heavily based off of Blue Mullet's Python.
    This isn't near original enough to warrant a price, in my opinion.

    But, then again, Zombiekiller did win a price in a previous contest with instructions for one of my posts, so you'll never know.

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    He is right everyone, still cant believe that C.A.R (Compact Assault Rifle) won. I only entered it because the contest was still going on the day I was going to post the instructions, I thought to myself, give it a go and see what happens and surprisingly I came in the 9 runners up.

    Give credit where credit is needed. That is all.

    I like it! I have come close to building it, but couldn't bring myself to cut all thos parts for the clinder.

    PLZ vote for me I really want that prize.