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My third version of this gun! well i only rebuilt it for better instructions but i just had to add some stuff.

*the scope goes back further
*some kind of wall around the trigger
*bi pod
*different butt

Version History
   -Normal sniper, basically the current version with no attachments, like scopes, bipods, plus a different stock.
   - Scope added
   -Changed the Stock
   -Ammo Carriers
   -Improved scope
   -Some V shape thing behind the scope so it can lay back further
   -Trigger guard
   -Improved Stock
NOTE: I was using a webcam for the pictures. Didn't have anything better laying around. 

Also if you like this gun go check out my new sniper The TMR 67 Its pretty much a heavily modded version of this gun

Step 1: Get These Pieces

Picture of Get These Pieces

little blurry
*i forgot to add y connectors and single connectors

Step 2: Handle

Picture of Handle

Step 3: Butt

Picture of Butt


Step 4: Barrel

Picture of Barrel


Step 5: Trigger Mech Parts

Picture of Trigger Mech Parts

Yes there has to be a cut piece

Step 6: Main Body

Picture of Main Body

Almost Done!

Step 7: Flip-up Scope

Picture of Flip-up Scope

Step 8: Bipod

Picture of Bipod

i actually made my own bipod!

Step 9: Connections and Rubber Bands

Picture of Connections and Rubber Bands

Step 10: Loading, How the Bullet Holder Works

Picture of Loading, How the Bullet Holder Works

the video's are how to load the bullet and how the bullet holder works.


Knex.X (author)2012-10-15

I came here with the false hope that a 64 shot turret had been made. Dream on man, dream on.

ultimate knex builder (author)2011-01-24

i'm gonna built it, its look like a awesome weapon.
great job!!

robin1999 (author)2010-06-19

yay very good

robin1999 (author)2010-06-18

good !!@@@@@@

builder968 (author)2009-12-23

You probably shouldn't have called it a TR-64, because that implies it is a 64-shot turret rifle.

Raiden97 (author)builder9682009-12-25
i based it off my initials and m favorite #
King Julien (author)Raiden972010-03-24

Still it is confusing.

Raiden97 (author)King Julien2010-04-01

well theres alot of other guns out there that we dont know what the hell the name means

King Julien (author)Raiden972010-04-01


wietzaa121 (author)2010-01-31

it is awesome gun!

Senior Waffleman (author)2009-11-15

honestly, i like it, but the stock can be remade, so i will make it, change the stock around, and post a pic on a comment, 4*, kudos

Lowney (author)2009-09-18

This gun inspired me to make that breaking sniper! I made this and I liked it all apart from the mech (sorry lol) so I made my own. Then I made a whole new body and handle and stock and barrel and made my sniper instructable!

Raiden97 (author)Lowney2009-09-18

awesome! someone inspired by my gun :D

Lowney (author)Raiden972009-09-18


DJ Radio (author)2009-09-09

When I first saw the name, I thought it was Killerk's TR with 64 barrels.

Raiden97 (author)DJ Radio2009-09-09

i actually based it off my initials and my favorite number

Raiden97 (author)DJ Radio2009-09-09


Lowney (author)2009-09-05

Great I will probably make this but is it a slingshot? I can't be bothered to look through the steps lol

Raiden97 (author)Lowney2009-09-05


Lowney (author)Raiden972009-09-06

Oh but is the rod held in place with a ball joint connector when it is loaded, like the SRv2?

Raiden97 (author)Lowney2009-09-06

its actually a y connector

Lowney (author)Raiden972009-09-06


Lowney (author)Raiden972009-09-05


erikos kostarikos (author)2009-08-31

it looks good but try to make the photos outside, then you got enough light to see all the things clear. 4.5*

yeah, my light isnt very bright, but now im using my phone, but i dont know how to get the pics on the computer, maybe you know how to get them on, im using an Lg Dare

sorry i dont know bcuz i got a samsung and with my samsung you need to do the following things: put the phone on some thread that leads to your pc.(or mac XD) go to "my computer" and click on the file what is your phone. go to "my photos" and then u can see them. again, this is what i need to do with my samsung.

blackdragon97 (author)2009-08-03

why do u keeping making new version

Raiden97 (author)blackdragon972009-08-03

you really dont read descriptions.... the first time i improved it because it needed a better stock and a scope the the second time you can just read the description

CWEBB04z (author)2009-08-02

this gun looks cool, i might build it

Raiden97 (author)CWEBB04z2009-08-02


blackdragon97 (author)2009-08-02

get a better camera

Raiden97 (author)blackdragon972009-08-02

i do have a good i was taking pics at night and i don't know how to put on flash, also im not good at holding cameras

blackdragon97 (author)Raiden972009-08-02


blackdragon97 (author)2009-08-02


TurtleMan08 (author)2009-07-13

I added a different stock but overall I thoght it was awsome

Raiden97 (author)TurtleMan082009-07-14

never mind i edited

Raiden97 (author)TurtleMan082009-07-13

go to my new version

knexsniper1 (author)2009-04-26

i suggest you put on a different stock cause it looks out of place. cool gun dude!

Raiden97 (author)knexsniper12009-04-26

i couldnt really think of one

knexsniper1 (author)Raiden972009-04-27

it wont be that hard, i could help you if you want, we can collaberate on this, just send me a private message and we can work on it.

Raiden97 (author)knexsniper12009-05-13

i made a slightly better butt and mods

DJ Radio (author)Raiden972009-06-24

I made my own sling several days back, and made a tight stock. The gun itself is still in development, but the stock is final.

knexsniper1 (author)Raiden972009-06-22

that's good

xadevox (author)2009-05-17

when i try to load, the bullet doesnt come out when fired. help!

Raiden97 (author)xadevox2009-05-17

its not strong enough then, but you might wanna use my improved sniper's firing mech. just take off the ball joint go here:

The Jamalam (author)2009-04-25

Nice gun! Is that a new trigger system? Looks pretty decent, Only thing I'd say is add a scope/sight to that thing. Better range than Most guns out there. 4.5 stars.

Raiden97 (author)The Jamalam2009-04-26

im guessing it is because i've never seen it on any guns

DJ Radio (author)Raiden972009-04-28

Its apparently a ratchet with y connectors on the end of the wheel.

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