This rifle can shoot fifteen feet with just one rubber band!
Here are all the parts

5 Red
5 White
3 Yellow
19 Green

4 White
10 Dark Grey
3 Orange
19 Red
22 Yellow

Step 1: Gun Barrel

This are the two parts to the gun barrel

Step 2: Firing Mechanism

This is the firing mechanism (very simple)
You just need sort of sellotape.

Step 3:

These are the handles and scope

Step 4:

How to put it together
attach the scope
Step 2:
Slide the handles into position
Step 3:
Put the firing pin in the back
Step 4:
Put a rubber band on it
Step 5:
Put ammo in the front
Step 6:
Open Fire!
Rating: 4.5 because it is a block trigger gun :(. But other that that it is quite good. Nice job for your first 'ible
I'm sorry. This is just not very good. 0.5*
Dude, take it easy, it's his first!
Oops. I guess I missed the part about him being his first instructable. I change the rating to a 4*
By the way, your comment (which i am replying to) is my 200th! congrats! you won a complementry air particle!!!
this gun is a fail<br>
Everyone i am making a gatling gun should be done soon mwuhahaha
Im not very experienced, and i might try this. is it worth?
yeah good fun
*boos and hisses* 0.5*
This is my RL friend your talking to. im trying to teach mim to make true trigs from <em><strong>your</strong></em> guns! i'd change that comment if i were you!!<br/>
Oh, ok. I guess this is better than a lot of the tube and stick guns. 1*, but thats it. It doesnt matter who posted it, I rate guns on how good they are.
Looks ok, just it has a block trigg, and sorry but I would have put more time into a trigger than with a scope.
awesome i am making a minigun too and i modded my rifle and it is more sturdy i put another rubber band on it and shot through paper from 20 feet! with a blunt piece of k'nex ok c ya round yours on saturday!
room saving*
oh well it is really powerful and sturdy so whats happening on saturday then
Alex, im going to be honest with you. This gun has a 'block trigger'. nearly EVERYBODY hstes them, so if you get bad comments, don't say i didn't warn you. Oh, and by the way, <em><strong>I CHELLENGE YOU TO A KNEX WAR NEXT SATURDAY!!!!!!!!</strong></em><br/>
Nearly forgot, good work though!!
Hi all i hope you enjoy making and playing with this gun feel free to modify

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