K'nex Rally Car (rockstar Energy Fiesta)





Introduction: K'nex Rally Car (rockstar Energy Fiesta)

this is my 10th instructable  so this time I thought of making something that would appeal to more people, as there are so many rally fans I thought I should make this, its supposed to resemble 2012 Tanner Foust's rockstar energy fiesta (GRC), I made it focusing on the looks rather than features,these are the pro's and con's...

pro's     6                                                                                          con's     3

independent suspension                                                the back lights are a bit off                                                         
opening doors                                                                   wheels are inside wheel arches for the suspension
interior                                                                                 uses a lot of y-connecters and hinges
rockstar energy colour scheme
moving seat
lots of extra detail like door handles (Inside)

                                                            the stats

                             features      ***           4
                           the looks      *****        5
                           durability      ****         3
                            over all         *****      5  the only big flaw was that it is really heavy

              There are now instructions for this  if you want to build it.



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    Hi! I have already posted instructions for this. Try looking in the 'related' section or in my account and you should be able to find it. Enjoy! :)

    Such a cool car but could do with some bigger wheels

    Woah! This is incredible. great job. (And keep it that way =D)

    Thank you =D Don't forget to rate, BTW what do you mean by "and keep it that way =D"? I don't understand,

    I think you have to look at it sideways. Anyway, 5*

    What do you mean by ''you have to look at it sideways''?

    I still don't understand, where is this thing that you are talking about?

    I meant keep up these good creations lol. As for the rating sorry I still can't see the rating as soon as I can I'll rate it.