Picture of K'nex rolercoaster and ferris wheel
Knex 003.JPG
Knex 002.JPG
Knex 004.JPG
These are my pictures of a rollercoaster and ferris wheel i have built. I am still trying to work out the kinks in the rollercoaster. Please tell me if they are good or not.
poncho5313 years ago
Thumbs down. These are the Serpent's Spiral and the Double Ferris Wheel, both made BY K'NEX. You're plagerizing. If that's what it's spelled like.
arronsparrow (author)  poncho5313 years ago
i'm just showing what i made
~KGB~4 years ago
rollercoaster is epic! =D
arronsparrow (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
no problem! please vote for me too!
arronsparrow (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
=D thanks