Hi , this is my knex roller coaster which has the loop-the-loop instead of the spiral . Please vote and follow me. If you have a 3DS or 3DS XL I'm happy to trade friend codes.
i need a side view of the crank station the instructions i have are not clear at all can you help me out? i have a hand me down set and i can barely make out the after market instructions.
<p>you can easily download the instructions for this from Knex.com. The kit number is 63030. I don't have this set but can easily build it with the pieces that I have..</p>
Do you have a picture of where you are stuck... i can help but i need to build the part lol. so yh i will help :) :)
After i find my 3ds...
OK thanks :) <br>
I...SO..WANT...TO...GET...THIS DARN SET!!!!!!!!
Lol,dude thats epic.
Ive got this one.
Cool is it built coz if it is , send a pic.
It uses a modded version of this.
What vehicle does this use?
That model didn't work to well for me....
shame. It took me 2 attempts.
Cool! How long does this set exist?
It was made in 1997 / 1998 and i got it from a yardsale for &pound;5
All my knex originated from two of these coasters broken down. Never built it though.
Ah, the 'original' k'nex coaster. Does it work well?
It works perfect now. I just had to mod the car a little and the loop the loop a bit too.
<p>do you have an instruction manual for the Screaming Serpent Roller Coaster I think the model # is 63153?</p>

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