My first finished roller coaster. It took me about 2 months to build, but was overall pretty easy. I will be uploading a video soon.
Please, no critisism. 
Cool, could use some more support in a couple of places though. <br>Also, like in the last photo, you should connect those supports to the main structure, makes it a lot sturdier, and less wobbly. <br>Also: <br>&quot;Please, no criticism&quot; <br>You should accept it when people give you criticism. It can be constructive, and often, you can learn from it. <br>Cool coaster, but some parts could use a bit of work. <br> <br>
Looks good!
Protip: Put a picture of the completed project as the main picture.
yeah. I would have except that i wasn't thinking and took it down already. but there is a full pic in the video. I just have to put the video together.

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