Knex Arm Gun Made by S0lekill3r.

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Introduction: Knex Arm Gun Made by S0lekill3r.

Hello, this is s0lekill3r's arm gun all the credit goes to him because I did not make it. He also said I have permission to post.

1.Pump action.

2.Block trigger.(It is OK the way this gun is.)

3.Good sight.

4.Magazine it holds like 12 blue rods or so.

5.Put your arm inside DUH.

6.Cool-ish mechanism.

7.Shoots about 30 ft.

Step 1: Parts. (MAY BE a BIT OFF)


38 Big green rods.

1 Roller Coaster splicer from the oldest ones.

32 Gray rods.

7 Snowflakes.

19 Orange connectors.

32 Green connectors.

2 Y connectors .

3 Decapitadeds.

2 Blue rods.

16 Blue spacers.

16 Dark gray connectors.

10 Blue tabs.

6 Green rods.

1 Black ball socket.

1 Tan red rod .

35 Blue connectors.

9 Silver spacer.

3 Tan clips.

64 5 way connectors.

5 light gray connectors.

80 White rods.

Duct tape.

As many rubber bands as you want.

361 Parts all together including duct tape and rubber bands.

Step 2: Here Is the Barrel and Ram. (It's a Block Trigger.)



3.Higher view of inside.

4.Side view.

5.Bottom view.

6.It's upside down view.

7.Diagonal view.

8.add this gray connector.

9.Insert ram.

Step 3: The Very Front of the Gun.

Just build off the pictures :)

1.Part of the pump.(Replace the blue rod with a yellow rod it will make it better.)

2.More pump.

3.Another view.


5.Put that together.

6.Put that together.

7.Now connect everything.

Step 4: Make All of This Big Step (I Hope Its Not to Hard.)

Good luck.

1.Make all of these.


3.Another view.

4.More views.

5.Just showing you the pattern up close

6.This is a different piece.

7.Another view

8.Another view

Step 5: Connecting and Rubberbands WOOOO!!!!!

1.Put them on.

2.Another view. connect the front.

4.Another view.

5.Now add the front piece on.

6.Another view. connect that front part on to the barrel.

8.Tape that.

9.Another view

10.Tape the ram..

11.Now put the ram through that one one piece.

12.Put that band on.

13.Put Another band on the other side.



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I could do it if I had enough grey rods :(

agrey rod is the same size as 2 yellow rods on opisite side of a connecter

Awww :-(

Oooook... what if you smiled and didn't have a nose? :-F